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Nocturnal Wonderland Artist Spotlight: Hydrah


Nocturnal Wonderland Artist Spotlight: Hydrah

Hydrah is performing this Saturday at Nocturnal Wonderland! We at Electric Vibes were honored to talk to her ahead of her performance. Hydrah (a.k.a. Katie Kramarczuk) is a classical trained pianist and violinist who incorporates these elements in her songs. Make sure to catch her set and get to know her with us below!


Groove Island Artist Interview with Chus & Ceballos


Groove Island Artist Interview with Chus & Ceballos

Chus & Ceballos are one of the most unique acts in the underground dance scene. The supreme duo from Spain, formed in the early 2000’s. Then quickly becoming pioneers known for their style of house music, ‘Iberican Sound’ and immersive performances at nightclubs to worldwide festivals and events. Stereo Productions founders and Stereo Productions Podcast have created a platform for up and coming underground house and techno artists for two decades, continuing to create iconic music. Their evolution throughout the past years has led them to the pinnacle of the global music scene.

Spreading their love and passion for the scene on a world tour, Chus & Ceballos will be performing in Amsterdam, Ibiza, LA, Toronto, and New York City. As well as head-ling the first installment of Groove Island in Catalina Island, California taking place in September. It was a privilege of interviewing the famous duo, learning more about their music and what to expect at Groove Island.


What are your top favorite Stereo Productions Podcast episodes of this year?

“We have a very special episode every year called From The Deep, it's used to be the first podcast of the year, an intimate and curated selection of boho deep afro tech house selected and mixed with love by Chus, check it out!”


What are some of your favorite countries that you performed in?

“We travel every year to Asia, we love Japan, Thailand and Indonesia, such an amazing culture, gastronomy, and breathtaking landscapes.”

You’ve recently released ‘Agolele’ on Nervous Records, how big was the feedback by fans and other artists within the community?

“We really like to remix songs or tracks that we love, ‘Agolele’ is a 90’s Classic from legendary Michael Flume on New York finest Nervous Records, this track has been essential in our DJ sets with enormous support from top artists and a huge impact on our fanbase! Everybody loves Agolele!”

Listen to their unique remix of Michael Flume - ‘Agolele’

A huge favorite and official Groove Cruise performers, Chus & Ceballos will be a part of its next chapter by being one of the main headliners of Groove Island. It will be a monumental and historic moment for everyone.

You will be part of the first edition of Groove Island, what was your reaction when you first discovered the news?

“We are long term supporters of Groove Cruise, been cruising with Jason and his crew for years so when we first heard about this new adventure and they confirmed our presence on the island the reaction was unreal, it's gonna be another unforgettable experience for sure, a great way to gathering with other artists and fans from all over the world.”

What are you most looking forward to at Groove Island?

“This is gonna be a bit different of a Groove Cruise because we are all together on Catalina Island and we are most looking forward to the activities that they are preparing where we’ll be able to interact with fans and have a great time doing different things like Snorkeling, Aerial Adventure (ropes course) or Fishing experience to name but a few.”

What is your festival schedule before you reach Groove Island?

“We just came from Tomorrowland, the first big festival of the summer and we are getting ready for the upcoming festivals that we are attending like Soundwaves in Portugal, Mysteryland in Holand and Dreambeach in Spain, also the Ibiza dates in Pacha for Claptone’s Masquerade, Hï, Mambo, and Eden! A very busy summer!”


You started your Summer Tour, what is your favorite city that you will be traveling to? 

“We love Montreal in Canada, the amazing city with such a great crowd, very music-wise educated and gorgeous in the summertime. Highly recommend!”

What is your favorite memory of LA?

“We went to Joshua Tree the last time we performed in Los Angeles, something that we had on our bucket list for quite long. It was an amazing experience, we rent a car and we drove from LA to the national park and spend the whole day in such a spectacular natural landscape.”



Chus & Ceballos also plays a big a part at Groove Cruise, what was your most memorable Groove Cruise?

“We had fond memories and countless great moments but if we have to choose one that will be the year that we play the main pool deck the last night of the cruise arriving to Miami in the morning with a beautiful sunrise and the Miami skyline in from of us, it was epic!” 

What’s on the horizon for Chus & Ceballos?

“2020 is around the corner and we are getting ready to celebrate the 20 Years Anniversary of Stereo Productions and Chus & Ceballos! A lot of great things coming for this special occasion.”


After two decades of creating music, making connections with devoted fans, and forming their own style of music, Chus & Ceballos continues to push boundaries in dance music. Be sure to catch them in Ibiza or at Groove Island and remember to stay up to date with Stereo Productions Podcast.







The future is bright for this Dallas, Texas native. We at Electric Vibes were fortunate enough to talk to him after his amazing EDC performance at the Neon Garden. His unique sounds are known as “Surrealist Techno”, he describes it as his take on Techno music that incorporates his love for 90s Trance and IDM. Get to know Declan James with us!


Beyond Wonderland Artist Spotlight: DJ Stephanie (Interview)


Beyond Wonderland Artist Spotlight: DJ Stephanie (Interview)

DJ Stephanie is a hardstyle queen DJ and producer from the beautiful country of Italy. She was born with the love of music. She knew since the young age of ten that she wanted to be a DJ, like her father. She has an undeniable energy during her sets and her range keeps her fans always wanting more.


Inside The Mind of 'Tito' - Interview


Inside The Mind of 'Tito' - Interview

Dan "Tito" Davis’s bestselling book Gringo: My Life on the Edge as an International Fugitive is now out on Audible. Yes, once upon a time he was an International fugitive, and his audio-book chronicles his life on the run and takes you along for the wild ride.

Tito was born in a small town South Dakota, but when he hit college he broke out in a unique and life-changing way he started making his own brand of speed, called White Crosses, and the Banditos Motorcycle Club began distributing it.

And yes he ended up in jail. Once he served a nickel in prison weed caught his attention, and a childhood friend set him up. Rather than go to jail for thirty years, Tito headed south of the border to start a new life, effectively becoming an International Fugitive.

He stayed on the run for 13 years, and it was not a jet-set fueled experience, quite the contrary. It was a harrowing trek with danger at every turn, taking him to the underground hideout of the Medellin cartel, into the jungles of the Darien Gap, and straight into the middle of Mumbai's madness, and much more.

All the time Tito was hell-bent on keeping ahead of the Feds and the Federales, and in the meantime, Millions of dollars were made and lost. We wanted to know more so we sat down with Dan "Tito" Davis to have a chat.

Dan Tito Davis Bio Picture.jpg

You are a bestselling author, and you are releasing your new audio-book. How was creating the audio-book different than actually writing the book?

Trying to find the right narrator with the proper tone of voice was not easy; we probably listened to more than 50 or 60 different professional narrators.  We picked Tom Hatting because he has the voice that we believe the readers of Gringo want to listen to in the audio-book.

The huge difference between an audio-book and a written book is that you're listening. When a word is pronounced, it is what you hear.  You can't read it or reread it if it is not clear. You have to listen, absorb, and be entertained.  That is why your narrator's voice is so essential, the intonation, the pronunciation, the accent. It is everything!! He is your storyteller!!

While you were working on the audio-book, did you get any new insights into your story?

It had been a long time since I had read Gringo: My Life on the Edge as an International Fugitive. It was refreshing to hear my story told by the narrator, after pushing it away for quite some time.

As far as insights, I realized how unique of an adventure my story really is.   It made me think how fortunate I am to be sitting here, hearing my own life story. How abnormal it is from the usual autobiography.    My life was truly on the edge.

The response to Gringo was phenomenal why do you think your story resonates so much with readers and now no doubt with those who buy the audiobook?

Gringo is shockingly entertaining!! There some things in there that probably no one has done or witnessed. It holds your attention. The average person would never be in those situations. They just can't comprehend it – it is shocking, it is an adventure, it’s true, and it is emotional. It has it all.

While in college I basically invented the real white cross pill which was the Red Bull of the day.  I was framed for a crime I didn't commit.  Rather than get a life sentence I fled and became an International Fugitive. There's plenty of danger. I lived in Columbia under the protection of the Medellin cartel.  My first Spanish teacher there taught me in the morning, and she shot people in the face in the afternoon because she was an assassin. It has sex, love, emotional upheaval, exotic travel, serious action and lots of suspense.

I was kidnapped from Venezuela after I had many near misses.  I went from living in a 5-star resort to using a soggy roll of toilet paper as a pillow in a gray dungy prison cell facing life. Gringo has it all.

Google me:  Dan Tito Davis or check out my website:

What do you hope listeners will take away from your audiobook?

I hope that everyone from soccer moms to truck drivers will be entertained while they are listening to the audiobook version of Gringo. Before we did the audiobook, we spoke with many people to see what they needed. The only free time these working people have is when they are in their vehicle.  All they listened to were audiobooks because they didn't have the time to actually read a book. After hearing that we knew that doing audiobook was a must.

Now that you have finished the audiobook is there a sequel or maybe a film in your future?

As many reviewers have pointed out this book is what movies or miniseries are made from-it has all of the elements and then some.  It is only a matter of time before Gringo is made into a major motion picture or a miniseries. I have an excess of fantastic material, about another 500 pages that aren't in the book.

We have been contacted by Brad Pitt and Mark Wahlberg's agents – and also Netflix.

Download the Audio-book on Amazon

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