Thank you so much for taking the time and interviewing with Electric Vibes. Our readers will be so excited! Ferry Corsten said you are "One of the biggest talents in the trance scene at the moment". How do you feel about that?
Thank you for having me for this interview! Well, to have someone like Ferry say that makes me super excited. It's funny because I've discovered trance music with Ferry Corsten, Gouryella and others but now Ferry is my biggest supporter. It's amazing and I'm very gratefull for all.

What are you looking forward to when playing at TomorrowLand? Is this your first major festival?
Yes! Tomorrowland is the biggest festival in the world and it will be my first festival to ever attend, let alone play at haha. At this moment it's hard to imagine what to expect, but I'll probably run into some unforgettable moments. Can't wait!

What made you want to be a DJ/ Producer and how did you come up with your name?
I think it came organically. Ever since I was very young, I listened to electronic music, ranging in different genres until I discovered trance. And once I did, I started to collect all this music and decided I wanted to give it a go myself. I've always been someone who wants to learn and learn, and I had so much fun making music instead of playing f.e. video games. I still find it amazing that I somehow managed to turn my hobby into my job.

About my name, it's also quite funny. My first computer was, well not so good, so I had a lot of problems creating music, but I got lucky and my parents bought me a new one and I knew "I'm going to make bigger things now!". The model was Dell "Dimension" and I instantly knew; this is the right name for my next step haha.

Who in the industry inspires you most? With all the different genres that are coming up, how do you view the trance crowd? Is it growing or shrinking?
Well, I think that music is always evolving. Today what people call 'EDM' is the most popular genre together with new styles like Tropical House, Bass Music...however Trance, Techno, House are pure styles that always have their own regular market and crowd which is fantastic I think. There are better and worse years of course but they are always there and this is what I love. I think trance is growing right now because a lot of 'EDM' or big room people are now discovering other genres within dance music and the different styles so the crowd is bigger and bigger.

Do you see yourself branching out and crossing over to other genres down the road?
Well, before I go into details let me say; trance is in my blood and I'll never leave it. But yet, I definitely branch out to other genres every now and then, but under a different name if it would ever get released. But I need to do that to keep my creativity going, if I keep making the same type of music over and over and over again, I go into a creative dip so from time to time I just do something completely different to get my mind of things. I don't understand some people who have a problem with that, I feel they should be a bit more open minded about the creative process behind making music. Just because I made a tropical house track for once, that doesn't even get released, doesn't mean I don't make the kind of music they like anymore. I actually need that in between step to keep making better trance records. It helps my flow.

Is there an artist you would like to work with?
I would say Ferry Corsten but I already did, haha! So let me say I would love to make a proper trance track with Tiësto or Armin Van Buuren.

As a DJ/Producer, do you have any goals you have for yourself?  
Yes of course, every day is a goal. Nothing is done yet. If I want to live from music and DJing I still need to complete a lot of goals but I need go step by step putting in front myself small goals I can reach and it motivates me. But one goal is definitely to make an artist album at some point.

If you could play anywhere in the entire world, where would it be and why?
I would love to play in my own city, because it's my city and I could sleep in my own bed that night haha. Also I would love to visit San Francisco or Los Angeles. I'm very curious to discover the USA. I hope it happens some day! 

A fun question non music related. If you could be a Superhero which one would you be and why?
Mmmm, I always liked Batman. But I think he receives more hits than any other, although he can take them. Haha!

Thank you so much again for taking the time to interview! We greatly appreciate it and look forward more upcoming music!
It was awesome. You are more than welcome. See you next time! :-)