This year was the celebration of Voodoo’s 20th anniversary. Kicking of the first day was some of my favorites of the weekend with Rufus du Sol, Mumford & Sons, A Perfect Circle, Zed's Dead, Third Eye Blind, and sleeper Rainbow Kitten Surprise. After seeing the name in the lineup, I had to listen to their tunes and find out what they were about. An indie rock band with a classic folk feel. They are definitely a pleasant surprise and worth checking out.


Childish Gambino had to cancel due to an injury from his recent tour. Being disappointed not to see Gambino, his replacement Travis Scott did a great job filling in his place. My top act of the night was Odesza. If you haven’t seen Odesza live, you’re in for a real treat. Playing with video elements to give you the visual experience, the electronic duo also had a choreographed drum line. Anytime live instrumentals and singers are incorporated in a set with electronic beats is always breathtaking.

Aside from the mud, Voodoo was filled with great costumes and great music. Until next time.