On the Monday before the heavily anticipated Presidential election, I didn’t realize just how badly I needed a session with The Divine Movement.

As participants made their way to the provided yoga mats, Tim Rothschild began to guide the group in mediation through a series of breathing exercises, relaxation, and a brief thought- provoking lecture. Tim is an explorer of consciousness who has dedicated his life to healing work and finding innovative ways to expand the collective human experience. He truly harnessed an undeniable, contagious energy that matched DJ Gina Turner’s enthusiasm and dedication.

Gina Turner really can do it all. She’s a new mother, DJ, and yoga instructor. Her main reason for becoming so involved in yoga is that she needed to bring balance into her life. By spending a few moments with her it’s easy to feel her positive, excited energy. She is certified through Yoga Alliance and Frog Lotus International, with a specific certification in Vinyasa Flow. Gina is also a certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor with a long time passion for Ashtanga and Inyengar Yoga. 

Throughout the duration of the class, Gina Turner and Allie Mason would switch back and forth. Gina would mix a record, come down from the booth and lead the group and then let Allie lead while she went back to the decks and mixed an array deep disco and house. 

Allie Mason focuses on empowering her students while syncing the body with the rhythms of the natural environment. She is also a Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor and an instructor at Soulcamp– which is basically an adult sleep away camp. Allie and Gina carry similar teaching styles and her addition to the team has been extremely positive.

The Divine Movement’s mission statement is to gather like minded beings to go beyond the traditional club experience by combing music, yoga, meditation, tarot, numerology, massage, healings and workshops in a unique and welcoming space. For this session in particular it was held in our beloved Williamsburg space, previously Verboten, under a new name and management, now Schimanski.

Practicing meditation and yoga in an intimate club setting where I was used to partying and dancing gave me a new perspective. If you were misinformed on the club’s dress code for this special night, there was also a shop available to buy active wear called teeki. They make super soft, decorative patterned leggings, tanks, and shorts all created from recycled plastic bottles re-purposing them through an eco-friendly process.

Tim Rothschild is a comedian, entertainer and co-host of Deep Inside The Rabbit Hole, a podcast out of Stand Up NY Comedy Club, who was aiming to bring consciousness to comedy. Gina had a strong desire to unite house music and yoga. She was often leading yoga sessions during festivals and nightlife but never made her own concept until exactly one year ago when Gina and Tim came together. A prime example of putting ideas to action- The Divine Movement was born.

Gina and Tim have actually known each other for years; they were Spanish class partners in high school and she was the cheerleader who decorated his football player locker. They say they are still growing up together and when asked their specific roles in the partnership Gina called herself the “divine mother,” while Tim brings a background in successful public speaking.

“He’s so eloquent in the way he presents himself in everything that he does,” beamed Gina.

They both collaborate on the creative aspects and Gina gives credit to her longtime team for helping create their new venture. Upcoming sessions will be held in D.C., Nyack, Arizona at Global Dance Festival, and overseas as well. They will even be leading sessions on the infamous party boat, Holy Ship! What makes The Divine Movement different is that they acknowledge people are going to party at clubs and festivals; they don’t condemn anyone who does. In fact, they accept and encourage them to party smarter so that they can wake up for a 9am yoga session to reenergize, party longer and party safer.

After the session, Gina continued to DJ while Tim offered numerology readings to guests. During our chat, I learned numerology has become Tim’s favorite way to explore the nature of reality. A few years ago, he attests to being a classic beer drinking, football player until he encountered eye- opening paranormal, mystical experiences.

“There’s way more to this than I’m being told, it felt more like a remembering of something; a feeling that was sitting in my body and I couldn’t let go of it,” Tim said energetically.

He explained that an opportunity at his sales job presented itself to explore spiritual healers and shamans up and down the East Coast. He found the right healers, the right school and started training on the concepts of mystery and awakening at the Society Of Souls. It was extremely frustrating at first, because there are always discrepancies, but throughout the cycle of walking away and coming back, he was taught something that aligned with what he was learning and finally it became the easiest way to transmit profound ideas through a very special lens. His obsession with numbers and how they relate to reality has driven him to study Pythagorean numerology. By understanding these patterns, he teaches people how they can align themselves to WAKE UP, be happier, and expand their consciousness.

The Divine Movement is meant to energize, enlighten, and bring people together through mindfulness and dance. For more information, check out www.TheDivineMovement.info