The festival is now less than three weeks away and Creamfields is coming with some of the biggest names in EDM music that will be heading to the three-day festival.

What is it?

Creamfields is the biggest dance festival in the UK, and the brainchild of the team behind Liverpool superclub Cream.

When is it?

Creamfields will be held over August Bank Holiday weekend - from Friday 28 to Sunday 30 August.

Where is it?

Outgrowing its first home at Speke airfield ten years ago, Creamfields has been held in Daresbury, just off the B536 to be exact.

How many people to expect?

Roughly 70,000 people over the course of the weekend.

Who to see?

With some of the biggest names in dance music, you can’t go wrong at any stage. My suggestion, use this time to seek out new talent! Some of the heavy hitters that will be there:

Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Hardwell, Chemical Brothers, Tiesto, Pete Tong, Paul Van Dyk, Fatboy Slim - to name but a  very select few.

Can I still get tickets?

There are a limited number of day and camping tickets still available, so if you're planning a last minute Creamfields trip, you'd better get a move on. Click here for tickets and information. 

Anything else?

Getting ready to head overseas for my very first international trip, here are my 7 golden rules I take with me when planning to festival.  

1. Pack Properly

Think carefully about what to bring, especially if you are traveling overseas. First and most important, your passport. Make sure you keep this in a safe place over the weekend because you will not be getting home if lost. Bring a copy of your ID and passport just incase, along with a physical printed copies of any and all vouchers (festival tickets, shuttle transfers, etc.) Better to be safe then piss away an experience you didn’t even have the chance to walk into. You’ll pay a premium for any essentials you forget so bring the basics: Sunscreen, chapstick, Baby Wipes, Soap, Deodorant, comfortable shoes, backpack/fanny pack, etc.

2. Mophie Chargers/ external battery packs

Your phones WILL die. You’ll be annoyed and aggravated that you couldn’t record a song from a set, capture a moment or take selfies. These come clutch when you have them! Not only can you walk around while your phone is charging but it stays with you! You don’t have to worry about dropping it off at the charging station or waiting for it to come alive.

3. Earplugs

Super important to protect your ears! No one wants to have ringing ears for the next week let alone not be able to hear. We all are here for the main reason and that’s to listen to the beautiful music. You don’t want to have hearing problems down the road because that would just suck if we couldn’t properly hear the one thing we enjoy and love.

4. Camelbacks

STAY HYDRATED. It’s supposed to be record high that weekend so drink as much water as you can throughout the day because with all the dancing and the heat, it is important to stay hydrated. If you don’t have a camelbak be sure to water have a bottle of water. If you’re drinking, I suggest a glass of water with each drink or rotate from water to drink.

5. Don’t Get Stuck on the Mainstage

Festivals are sometimes where I discover new music. Get lost, and explore! Discover hidden stages, meet new friends, and go discover new artists you’ve never heard of. One of my favorite moments was my crew was going to the main stage at a festival and my one friends grabbed and and goes “No! We’re going to see My Nu Leng, I promise you won’t regret it!” At maybe one of the smallest stages of the festival, this was by far my favorite set of the weekend!

6. Pace Yourself

Great things about camping festivals are the ability to enter the festival as it opened, spend a few hours playing during the day, and then go back to the campsite to eat, relax, regroup, and then get ready to rage again at night. It’s an entire weekend. You want to be sure not to get burned out by day 2.

7. A View from a far

I hate the crowds for many reasons but the best place to see a show is always a view from the back. It’s easier to find your crew in a designated spot in the back but most important you have all the dancing room you need while watching the amazing performance. Find a hill, sit for a minute and take it all in. Watch the crown dance as one while you enjoy the production. If you’ve never seen a show from the back, you will be amazed as to all the production that goes into them. You will appreciate them much more!