The time has come, get to know Hardstyle’s new dynamic duo Notorious Two. You may know them as Lady Faith and The Pitcher and but together they produce a brand new raw hard sound. Their story is unlike any other. 

We at Electric Vibes were fortunate enough to get to know their dangerous story at Electric Daisy Carnival in Sin City, and found out how danger bound them together. They make living dangerously seem like fun—you’re in for a naughty treat. 

Photo Credit: Troy Acevedo

Photo Credit: Troy Acevedo

Karen: It's nice to meet you Bonnie. Tell me more about you and what it means to be Notorious Two.

"Bonnie": I am the classic damsel abducted in a heist and eventually caught up in the action. I go from being the victim to being the aggressor and in doing so, I wake up and feel free for the first time in my existence. Being Notorious Two is about becoming liberated.

Karen: So what boundaries do you plan on breaking this year?

"Bonnie": We follow no rules but the ones we set on ourselves. Its our intention to force our rightful place in peoples hearts and minds by creating a fusion of the hardest music intertwined with elements of romance, action and tied together with a storyline. Nobody has tried this as a full live act of completely original music that brings so much emotion in such a distinct way. This is a show that really has to be seen to be fully understood.

Karen: How did danger bind you two together? How did you meet?

"Bonnie": I worked in a bank that Clyde robbed. In the melee I accidentally injured a cop and was taken hostage. After a few weeks of being on the run, I began to understand what Clyde was fighting for and I chose to become a part of his volatile crazy world. We knew our end game but this was something special, a connection that bound our souls. We are determined to go out in an explosion, not a whimper. If you don’t actually live life, then why are we here? 

Karen: What makes raw hard style different than regular hard style?

"Bonnie": Rawstyle is Hardstyle but more aggressive and angry in its spirit. Rawstyle helps us express the anger we feel inside and gives us an outlet. By combining this traditionally harsh music distinct romantic tones, we have changed the emotional response the fans experience.

Karen: How do you usually collaborate and make your unique raw sound?

"Bonnie": Both of us ended up in the same place, but we got there different ways. I bring a different aspect to the music as a woman who is just as angry and trapped as the men. We are determined to raise the bar on Rawstyle and we are very proud of this creation.

Karen: What inspired your new track “Hell Yeah”?

"Bonnie": Well, we are a couple so that does play into our music, which is nice. And we wanted to incorporate some of the love of hiphop that we had so, we put that in there as well. And most of our music is, if you really, really listen to it, it gives you this energy. You feel like you're in a high speed chase. You're about to explode and you're running away and you're not sure exactly what's happening and it's just chaos, that just comes with us. And that's what we're thinking, we were thinking love, sex and chaos all mixed together.

Karen: What makes living dangerously so fun?

"Bonnie": It’s not the danger, that comes to us because we choose to live by our own rules. As far as Clyde and I think, we do what we feel is right and if you try to stop us, we will roll right through you. If you leave us alone, we return the favor. This is a world of the strongest survive but for us, the strongest also get to live.

Karen: Where can your fans run off next to follow you on your high action shootout?

"Bonnie": Well, they have to wait and see. We never show our hand.

Karen: We'll be on the lookout, thank you.