With Overall attendance for the weekend being 50,000, Mysteryland is far from the ‘normal EDM festival’. From the Hard Styles of the Q-Dance stage to the soothing, mellow beats by Kygo, Mysteryland USA 2015 had it all. This year’s festival, camping sold out at 10,000 which was a 35% increase from 2014, the very first year held in the United States.

Walking into Bethel Woods, home of the 1969 Woodstock was magical for me. I always said I wish I lived during the time of Woodstock and to have that experience I was, reliving the moment in a more modern way. The festival blends art & culture, diverse musical talent, and a tight-knit community on the former grounds of the legendary Woodstock Festival. We experienced this festival this past Memorial Day Weekend, and had a chance to speak with some of the artists before and after their sets.  We were thrilled to speak to, Hardstyle veterans Audiofreq and Bass Modulators.

The festival was an incredible experience and here are my top 5 Reasons Why Mysteryland is a festival not to be missed in the years to come:

1. Location

Take a deep breath of mountain air.  Now take a step on the legendary grounds of the 1969 Woodstock. The stages were set up as amphitheaters and you could sit at the top of the hills overlooking the performances.  Yoga kicked off the early afternoon while The Healing Garden provided a place for festival goers to wind down, meditate, or get in touch with their spiritual side. Mysteryland is a place not only to sit back and enjoy the music but enjoy your beautiful surrounding of nature.

2.  Check out new music and Explore upcoming talent

A break from the commercial world, you don’t attend Mysteryland for the bangers or full lineup of top charting artists. You come here for the chance to explore different sounds, opening your eyes and ears to new artists, as well as enjoying a few sets from your favorite DJs. My favorite set of the weekend was by far Empire of the Sun. The electronic music duo that I’ve never seen before completely blew my mind. Everything from the stage set up all the way to their phenomenal live set. Runner up favorite set was the masterful live performance from Porter Robinson featuring his Worlds set. Kudos for getting on the mic to actually sing and do something out of the norm for electronic DJs. I had much love for Porter before but now his artistic side truly came out and mad respect to him and his performance.

3. Proximity of the stages

This was amazing because if you wanted to split a set, you weren’t walking in what always seems like forever to get from one stage to another without missing too much. Everything was close enough to hear a beat from one stage but not close enough to interrupt the tunes you were currently dancing to.  A stage hard to miss and caught the attention of many was The Owari No Nai (aka Sin Salida at 2014 ML USA). A stage that had the perfect combination of music, art, and performances! The deep house tunes had a mix of Japanese pop music that captivated your dancing while watching the gorgeous geisha dancers.

4. Camping

With an awesome pre-party lineup exclusive to campers, the impressive acts such as Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plex and A-Trak was a great kick start to the festival. When the festival was in full swing and you needed a break you could go back, relax, eat or grab a drink and do so at your own leisure. Not only was this a plus, but the fun never ended. Once the festival ends, campers can go back and get weird around the camp site. The new faces you meet at the campsite after parties are sometimes the ones I end up camping with at the next upcoming festival. A huge, little gesture that goes a long way was the porta potties. Kudos to the Mysteryland staff who kept up with them, keeping stock on toilet paper and constantly spraying them down. Doesn’t make using the bathroom a horrific experience like at a lot of festivals.

5. The Good Vibes and people.

It makes a difference going to a festival that is 21+. You don’t have to worry about under age drinking or a immature crowd. The overall vibe was relaxed and fun loving. One of the best parts of Mysteryland was getting to know your fellow nomads. People from all over united and came together as one on the Holy Grounds to enjoy the music and experience.

Mysteryland USA 2015 had something to offer for everyone, music and art lovers. Excited to see what next year brings! See you there future Nomads!