This Liverpool born producer and DJ is bringing his unique funky beats to HARD Summer this weekend! Get to know him before you catch him at the Pink Stage this Saturday August 4th at 5pm -6:30pm.

Melé has built a solid reputation for himself mixing while also running his event series Club Bad. He is also Elrow’s non-EU ambassador of their brand.

We promise you if you love house and a unique way of mixing, you're in for a treat. But for now, get to know your newest addition to your HARD Summer festival schedule. 

Nice to meet you! We at Electric Vibes are happy to have you here.

What does your creative process look like, and what was it like making Defected Presents Méle In The House?

It took a long time because I can be super indecisive when it comes to doing mixes, and as this was my first ever compilation CD I wanted it to be special and something I was really happy with. I had a few hundred tunes in my initial pool of tracks and maybe ended up using around 40/50. But I'm really happy with how it turned out and I can't wait for people to hear it.

What can your fans expect at HARD SUMMER?

A lot of energy, A lot of new music and edits. I like a lot of the music I play to be my own edits in some form, just so my sets sound individual. I can’t wait to play at Hard! And to see Rick Ross.

What music did you grow up listening to?

I grew up listening to mainly hip hop. Dr Dre - 2001 was the first album I ever bought and was obsessed with hip hop from then onwards, still am. Then I got into The Prodigy and that helped me discover electronic music.

When did music become more than a hobby for you?

I’d say maybe around 7 years ago. I remember doing a show with Diplo in London when I was 18 and that seemed like a big turning point for me. I still like to look at it as a hobby as it keeps it fun for me.

Is there any track of yours that you’re especially proud of?

Scouse Afrika is my favorite song I've ever made. Just because it doesn't have many elements and maybe took me 30 minutes to finish in total, but it still gets the biggest reaction in my sets out of all my tracks by far.

How long have been DJing?

Since I was 13, I'm 26 now.

Who do you consider influences of your sound?

Danny Tenaglia, Masters At Work, Switch, The Neptunes. There’s so many influences too my sound and the way I DJ. I just try to take all the different ones and reinterpret them in my own way.

Looking through the rest of the year, what are some things you are most looking forward to?

Just more touring and DJ’ing! It’s the busiest I've ever been in my life but I'm having the most fun.

Méle is playing at the Pink Stage this Saturday August 4th at 5pm -6:30pm.

Defected Presents Méle In The House. Releasing 31st August on Defected / Pre order link