Gangsters Paradise NYC Ft. Audiofreq

May 9th, 2015 Amazura Concert Hall NYC

Matt: How are you feeling tonight?

Audiofreq: I'm feeling pretty good just fighting off the Jet lag, but excited to be back here in New York.

Matt: How do you feel about the progression of the Hard Dance scene in America?

Audiofreq: It's been a growth, that's the primary word I would use. Not to say things were bad beforehand, Hard Dance is one of those underground genres. But there has been quite a bit of growth in the number of shows I have been playing, where I have been going, and just the response of the people as well. I can see and feel there is more of an appetite, not just for the commercial end of Hard Dance like the remixes of the House tunes that everyone knows but they have a real appetite for the harder stuff. As evidence, the fact that Gunz For Hire are here tonight, they are not typically the commercial act. They do not do remixes of EDM stuff, they are very much a niche flavor. So, to be able to have them here, is real evidence to the fact that Hard Dance is growing and I think that's real cool, That's exciting!

Matt: Yes, it's very exciting for us as Hard Dance enthusiasts. Coming from me personally and I know many others agree, You have significantly impacted this growth. You have helped bridge the gap between the Hard Dance and Mainstream crowds, fusing them together producing great results. How do you feel about this?

Audiofreq: Well, I guess it's also a testament of the way people in America have an appetite for Music as well. Because there are so many diverse acts, that play different styles, that are very big here. If you listen to a set from Skrillex or Diplo, not necessarily Mainstream, they go through a lot of different styles. The reason they can do that, in my opinion, is that Americans have this appetite of a variety of things. So what I do, what I think about, is take out some of the rules that people have about Hardstyle. Like it needs to be like this or it needs to be like that. I don't try to cookie cutter stuff. I try to strip it back to the fundamentals and even back to the fundamentals performance wise. What do the people enjoy? What are the parallels in whatever genre of music that works? What performance do the people enjoy and how can I bring that to what I do? It seems to work, it's kind of cool!

Matt: That's great! Obviously it is working. So, what can we expect in the future from you, your opinion on other artists, and what's to come next?

Audiofreq: I guess for me I'm going to keep exploring, because I'm an explorer. I see that is what I do. Some artists are really good at making hits, you know Brennan Heart he is a hit machine and that's great. That works for him. But I can't do that, no matter how hard I try I can't seem to write hits. But that's not a bad thing, you know? I'm like, I'll try this combination of elements here or I put these things over here and all that sort of thing. I'm going to keep doing that because that's me and that's how I write and how I enjoy making music. It's also how I enjoy playing music and I'm going to keep doing that.

I'm working on a second album actually which is revolving around that concept. It's going to be 50% maximum Hardstyle, the rest is going to be whatever the hell I want. That's because I love exploring different sounds and different genres. That's what's coming from me, you know trying to redefine just dance music, fun dance music. Instead of having too many rules, it's like what gets people moving on the floor, what can I enjoy from different elements and put that all together in my sets. What I think is going to happen probably over the next two years for Hardstyle, is we are going to see an interesting sort of division. People are talking about it now between Euphoric and Rawstyle, that's going to continue. One thing talking about getting rid of the rules and everything, is to find that middle ground where it's not hard, or that it's not raw per say or "Euphoric" per say, but it still works in either camp. I want to continue doing that as well because I have tracks that do that. I'm going to play a couple of them tonight, there rough tracks but there not necessarily "Rawstyle". Or there uplifting tracks but they are not necessarily "Euphoric" Hardstyle either.

So, I think there are going to be other artists that continue in the same way. Like there is this one guy named "Frantic" out of Switzerland, he's doing some really funky stuff, really cool stuff at the moment. I don't know if he's deliberately doing that, but he is taking those principles as well. He's like I'm making hard music but it's not necessarily "Euphoric" Hardstyle in the bracket. So what I want to see is more people do that. That it's not in either camp, it's just fun music. It can be rough, it can be euphoric, it can be soft whatever it is, it can be whatever. As long as it gets people moving on the floor. I think, I hope to see more artists doing that in the future. Not thinking I got to do it like this or got to sound like this guy, more like I want to have fun with the music, it's energetic and it's fun to dance to.

Matt: Once again a great insight, what to expect from you, and what to expect for the future of Hard Dance. Thank you for your time and we can't wait to hear your set tonight!

Audiofreq: Cheers!