Picture a place where you can escape it all; work, micromanaging bosses, annoying neighbors/roommates, the daily grind, etc. Imagine Music Festival held in Atlanta, GA at the Atlanta Motor Speedway is the great escape you've been looking for!


Where the music, lights, people and energy bring alive the real you. Starting the day out waking up in your tent and going straight into playtime mode. There was so much to do from wild pool parties surrounded by multiple stages with different DJs, carnival rides, acrobats, artist creating something from scratch and bringing it to life. Then the sun goes down and all the lights and fire light up the sky and you hear nothing but amazing music and see everyone smiling, dancing and lifetime memories being made with new friends you just met from all over the world.

It was such an amazing experience to be 100% surrounded by so much excitement and good vibes then never having to leave because you get to camp there. Once the party was over at the Speedway you head back to the camp site where there was a silent disco! Because who are you kidding the party is never over at this festival! On your way to this next after party stage you can explore all the eclectic little shops that vendors from all over world have brought to show you. Also tent and RV hop to all your new friends spots and then go watch everyone dance like crazy to silence once you take off your headphones! We couldn't have asked for a better weekend escape to let loose, dance, make new friends, fall in love and just live! 

If you can't Imagine it... I guess we'll just have to see you there next year! Until next time Imagine Music Festival!