Dutch brothers Victor and Stephan Leicher, also known as DubVision, are quickly dominating the EDM world, receiving huge support from big name artists such as Swedish House Mafia, Tiesto, Hardwell, David Guetta, Avicii and more. They broke through the industry with the massive support by Swedish House Mafia with “All By Myself” before teaming up with Project 46 and Donna Lewis on “You & I.”

Despite being eight years apart, the DJ brothers share a strong bond over music and influence each other in a tremendous way. 

We were lucky enough to catch up with DubVision in an exclusive interview and they revealed some exciting things coming up. 

Pia - As brothers who are 8 years apart, do you guys ever find yourselves arguing or disagreeing on things when it comes to creating music or putting together a set? 

DubVision - Of course, we’re still brothers so things like that happen. But we actually work together very well, that’s one of the reasons we started this duo in the first place!

Pia - Steve, I read in an article that you never had the intention to become a musician. What pushed/influenced you to pursue that path? 

DubVision - I was already making a career as an architect at that time, but we produced music together in our spare time. I soon realized that music meant a lot to me and Victor and I decided to pursue our dreams.

Pia - What was that moment like when Swedish House Mafia discovered you and began supporting your music? 

DubVision - We got completely blown away, just as you might imagine. It’s really amazing to hear that from someone like them. We became good friends and they supported us all the way.

Pia - You most recently came out with “Under The Stars” which is fire! What was the inspiration behind that track? 

DubVision - Justin had the idea for the track and sent it over to us. We instantly liked it and wanted to tweak it a little. Then we sent it over to Hardwell because we thought he would like it and he did! After that we went over to Seoul for some shows, but also to visit Justin and finish the track.

Pia - What do you do when you run into a creative block when making music? How do you get the juices flowing? 

DubVision - When that happens we usually try to get out of the studio for a little. Watch a movie, hang out with friends, basically anything to get our mind off music. After that we usually find inspiration again. 

Pia - If you could collaborate with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why? 

DubVision - That would be Daft Punk without a doubt! They are like living legends to us.

Pia - What’s new that you're currently working on that fans can look forward to?

DubVision - We're working on a lot of music for 2017. We're going to start the year of with a banger on Musical Freedom. After that we have some really exciting DubVision tracks, but we cant say too much about it yet ;)

Pia - When debuting a new release, do you prefer to do so online, in a club, or a festival?

DubVision - It really depends on the type of track, but we usually premiere tracks in our sets at clubs or festivals.

Pia - To wrap up, tell us 5 things that we don’t know about you (hobbies, fun facts, crazy stories while performing...etc...)?

1. We both really love animals, we’re easily entertained by dog- or catvideos for example, haha! 
2. Victor is addicted to instant noodles.
3. Two of our tracks have been listed in this year’s Revealed Top 100!
4. Stephan hates videogames, unlike Victor!
5 A girl came up to us after one of our recent performances and told us how much we’ve changed her life. It really got us inspired to keep making music for our fans.