Sydney Blu has a tremendous passion for live performances, music production, and all-artistic creativity, her constant determination shines brightly through her accomplished DJ career. The Toronto DJ made her official move to Berlin back in January, now that she’s BACK FROM BERLIN sharing her knowledge, love, and new music while on tour Embarking on a 13-day schedule in September and October, stopping in the cities of New Jersey, Vancouver, Hawaii, Las Vegas and Brooklyn, NY. Residing in Berlin has infused Blu with new inspirations for both her productions and club culture experiences, however, an over-due visit to some of her favorite stops in the USA and Canada is necessary to re-connect with her North American fans.

For those who didn’t see you in Berlin, tell us your experience performing there?

“It was cool because I have a ton of friends there now, so they all came out for it. It sort of felt like my Birthday! I have played in Berlin several times prior, but the Polygon show was the biggest one yet and I headlined. It was a really special night for me and an amazing kick-off to my tour. I can’t say there many places that are as good as playing in Berlin.” 

You’re well into the ‘Back From Berlin Tour’ what are some of your favorites cities in the US to perform at?

“St. Petersberg, last weekend blew my mind! I always love Miami and Arizona’s Blu Party was really special with Lee Reynolds and Doc Martin! This week, I’m looking forward to performing in Brooklyn at Analog, Moncton New Brunswick on Saturday and Hawaii next week! I’ll be finishing the tour off in Vegas and Vancouver.” 

Residing in Berlin has infused you with new inspirations, what were some of the inspirations?

“The music scene in Berlin is another lever, mostly because of everyone’s just being themselves and not fitting into the “what’s cool box”, I love going out dancing there. Everyone on the dance floor is really present  with the music because you aren’t allowed to use your phones in any club in the city!”

What was your favorite part of your Berlin experience?

“My favorite part of being in Berlin was meeting an amazing group of friends to go dancing with every weekend at all the fun clubs. Sounds cliche, but it has been a while since I’ve done that and now I do it all the time.” 

Will you return to Berlin anytime soon? Or studio time?

“The studio is actually in Berlin so yes, I am returning on October 9th and back in the studio on the 10th. I’m SO excited to get back.”  


Any new music in the works? 

“SO much new music. My first release that I wrote after I moved to Berlin is out on December 16th on KMS Records (Kevin Saunderson’s label). It’s called ‘Intuition’. After that, I have a ton of new music coming out and their labels will be announced soon. I can tell you that I have teamed up with Fritz Helder from Azari and III on a record and I’m really excited about it!”

Will you perform any new music during the tour?

“Yes, I’m performing it all on the tour. It’s actually a perfect testing ground for a lot of my new stuff to see what works and what needs a few tweaks.” 

Besides the ‘Back From Berlin Tour’ how will you be spending the remaining of your festival season?

“I spent a lot of time at my mom’s house in Northern Canada resting in between flying and performing. I needed all the rest I could get! As soon as the tour wraps up on October 5th, I make my way back to Europe and Berlin and get ready for the ADE conference in Amsterdam.”

Who is the one person you wish to collaborate with and why?

“Jamiroquai! At least I’d like to remix them… they are my favorite band!

What’s on the horizon for Sydney Blu?

Lots of new music and more Blu Parties leading into 2020. My showcase the Blu Party celebrates its 10th year next year and we will be doing a huge run of shows leading into Winter Music Conference and Detroit’s Movement Festival Weekend.” 

Sydney Blu is set to perform tonight at Analog, be sure to catch her headlining Blu Party performance at one of Brooklyn’s hottest nightclubs. Playing all her new music and inspirations from Berlin, tickets are still available act now!

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