Last week, German techno pioneer, Ellen Allien took over the New York City area for a two-day and night invasion. A special pop-up event which took place at Halcyon The Shop called ‘Vinylism’. The event series launched back in 2016 showcasing all of Ellen Allien’s favorite record shops globally featuring vinyl-only DJ sets.

It was an intimate setting, following with a star-studded lineup at Vinylism including Heidi Sabertooth, Julia Govor, and Mke Servito B2B Justin Cudmore. When arriving in the distance was the Allien we all love, Ellen, standing outside of Halcyon The Shop making connections immediately. When walking in the record shop had a bar plus a bed inside but enough room to dance to the dark techno vinyl records blasting through the speakers. On the decks was Heidi Sabertooth for a hard-hitting set, heating up the crowd for an exclusive hour-long vinyl set. There was a merchandise booth where attendees can purchase Ellen Allien’s new album on vinyl or CD along with shirts, stickers, and postcards. Running into other techno friends was awesome as well, it seemed like the word did get around. Having a huge following of dedicated and knowledgeable techno fans worldwide, the crowd was melting-pot of Brooklyn locals and Europeans. 


The Ellen Allien invasion takes over with her set, dancing away to her vinyl picks the crowd going wild seeing her perform in such an intimate setting. The heavy techno was bumping through the speakers leaving smiles on everyone’s faces. Moving around was very simple, the crowd was polite easy to make your way to the front. Within 20 mins of her set elite techno artist, Volvox appeared and started playing back-to-back with Ellen Allien. Seeing the two perform back-to-back working like clockwork transitioning each record so crisp and clean. Playing some tracks from her ‘Alientronic’ album such as ‘Exit to Humanity’, and ‘Free Society’. Ellen Allien is a powerful force, in the techno scene, a true badass behind the decks with a huge heart.

Mike Servito and Just Cudmore gave an epic back-to-back performance, working simultaneously switch records and mixing together as one unit. They playing a dynamic vinyl set, with iconic techno tunes. Closing out Vinylism was local sensation Julia Govor for an energetic and forceful set. Even though each artist played for an hour it was impressive seeing all them showcasing their vinyl collection. 

Ellen Allien’s ‘Alientronic’ album is out now, and available on Beatport. Be sure to look out for her remix packages set for release at the beginning of October and November. Have the speakers in your home and car for a full-on Allien invasion.