German techno sensation Ellen Allien will take over New York’s darkest and loudest nightclub - BASEMENT on Friday, September 20th. The newly club gives attendees the ultimate techno experience, with no VIP tables, just the black, dark, dim, heavy techno blast through the speakers. Ellen Allien will be joined by VOLVOX and JUANA for an epic performance. 

German techno DJ, Ellen Allien has enormous skills and resources, sourcing and collecting music for many years. A techno lover from the start she comfortably blends and weaves a pattern of her own hypnotic Berlin techno, acid, freak jack slammers and classics. Absorbing the space and the energy of the dancers, she creates something mysterious and captivating for the here and now.

Volvox is a unique character on the US scene guaranteed to bring a high energy show that lights up dance floors with an undeniable spirit. A dominant force on the Brooklyn underground scene and an ardent supporter of the underground, she is known for tough, stripped-back techno and groovy, acid-flavored sets.

Juana grew up on a steady diet of smooth jazz, Jheri curl funk, and prog rock, which shaped her sensibilities immeasurably.  Her dedication to music and club culture earned her opening spots at some of the top underground house clubs in DC, such as Red, Dragonfly, and DC Sanctuary, and lots of places in New York.

Dance the night away at BASEMENT NY this Friday, September 20th with renowned techno DJs that will give attendees the ultimate experience. Join Ellen Allien, Volvox, and Juana for a night to remember for a lifetime. 


Ellen Allien at BASEMENT NY

Friday, September 20th

10 PM - 5 AM