When you think of Inlighten a lot of things come to mind such as music, partying and obviously our sound reactive light up festival apparel. However, what you may not know is that the story of Inlighten is one of struggles, triumphs and ultimately success through a love for music. Our founder Eddy came to Canada from China to pursue an education in a new world with better opportunities. Upon his arrival, Eddy quickly learned how difficult the language barrier would be for him to overcome.

Always known to be a social butterfly, Eddy found his voice at a local music festival where he was intrigued by the bright lights and good vibes of the entire electronic music scene. It didn’t matter which language he spoke or where he was from because, at that moment, all that mattered was the music. Through the music festival scene, he had found a group of people who welcomed him and made him feel like he truly belonged in this crazy new world.

Upon graduation, Eddy wanted to give back to the rave community that had taken a shy, quiet kid from China and helped him find acceptance and love amongst a community of like-minded people. With an eye for fashion, he looked to encapsulate the feelings of EDC, Burning Man and Ultra Music Festival into a style that represented the unique personalities of each person.
— Inlighten