Get to know LP Giobbi! She takes the main stage at HARD Summer this Sunday at 1:30pm. Her new single “Ready To Go” is out today! It is a unique blend of catchy beats that will keep you dancing until the end of summer! Listen to it below!

LP Giobbi is a producer/DJ who has an educational platform named FEMMEHOUSE which empowers women to get in the studio. She is changing the world one set at a time! Check out her label Animal Talk Records too!

Can't wait for your HARD set! Are you dropping any new music?

Yes I am! I have a new track with Boom Dice coming out on Friday 8/2on Animal Talk  called "Ready to Go"! Check it out HERE!  And then I have a handful of tracks coming out throughout the rest of the year ;-)

What does your creative process look like ?

I practice the piano every morning (either on the keyboard I tour with or the one in my studio if I'm home) so I am constantly playing around with combinations of chords and rhythms that could fit into the Piano House world and if one grabs me I run with it. Which means I throw it into an Ableton session and start to imagine where it would live in my set - at the beginning with some gospel house or deeper in with the harder hitting house / world vibe. 

What music did you grow up listening to ?

Well I was raised by Dead Heads (Grateful Dead fans) so I grew up listening to jam bands. I started playing piano in second grade and started studying jazz shortly after that so jazz crept into my life pretty early as well - Oscar Peterson, Monk, Sonny RollinsElla Fitzgerald.... In short, it has been a long and wonderful road to dance music that might require a sit down conversation to dive into ;-)

When did music become more than a hobby for you?

I went to school at UC Berkeley for Jazz Piano Performance and started playing solo jazz piano gigs in bars in San Francisco at night when I was done with classes. I remember the first time I got a check to play a gig (it barely covered my gas money to get there), I could not believe someone would pay me money to play and listen to the music I loved. It was a small amount of money but it did something very big for me psychologically. 

Photo Credit: Lex Ryan

Photo Credit: Lex Ryan

In three words how would you describe your music style?

Whip That Pony... just kidding (kinda.) I would say Piano Femme House if I had to pick just three ;-)

How would you describe your fans?

Engaging, electric, energetic, and ready to tap into their joy.

Looking through the rest of the year, what are some things you are most looking forward to?

I am excited for this run of Animal Talk parties in Canada this weekend, playing HARD on Sunday, touring the US and Europe in the fall with Sofi Tukker, getting to finally release a bunch of tracks I have been playing in my sets for a while, and the monthly Femme House workshops we are putting on in LA to empower young women to produce and engineer records.