Another successful year has concluded at Movement in the techno city, Detroit. With elite techno artists taking over the five unique stages by different partners, there were some monumental sets and performances as well as some memorial popup events and sightings of wild events that will last a lifetime. It’s been my third year attending the iconic festival and second time covering the three-day event which took place Memorial Day Weekend at Hart Plaza. What makes Movement Detroit so special that everyone returns every consecutive year? The world’s best techno lineups, mesmerizing performances, fabulous food, great location, the purest vibes imaginable. If you are a Movement Detroit veteran then you most certainly know the answers. The first year when I attended the festival I knew this one held a special place in my heart forever.

Photo credit:  Doug Wojciechowski

Photo credit: Doug Wojciechowski

The first day started off a little bit wet and wild with a flash thunderstorm that happened around 4 PM. Right after I collect my wristband, I heard the report and went outside to check out the weather. Immediately the winds were blowing the rain was coming down sideways it was moving fast people ran for cover at the Crown Hotel. People hung around at the bar to dry off and let the bad weather drift away. The sun appeared through the clouds and the music was back and the gates were open once again for America’s biggest techno party. It was a little hectic when the gates first open, GA had to wait on a long line, VIP was moving a good rhythm but all in all, it was under control and everyone got inside the festival.

Photo credit:  xavier cuevas

Photo credit: xavier cuevas

The day continued with exploring throughout the festival and VIP areas. Checking out the food and merchandise vendors. Every time returning to Movement Detroit it's like returning home after being away for so long and you left everywhere in its original spot and can find everything easily. That’s another reason why people return back, the setup never changes only the acts. The first day of music was incredible but the beauty of Movement Detroit is that the music gets better each day. Art Department started off by taking over the Pyramid Stage with a powerful set. One of the first sets of the day of Movement Detroit which was strong, vigorous and left people wanting more. Overlooking Art Department at the Pyramid Stage was the iconic Canadian skyline across the Detroit River. The Pyramid stage is the best stage at Movement and one of the most unique stages of all festivals. The steps leading up to top to get the best view of the artist and crowd, seeing all the beauty for what it truly is.

Photo credit:  Polish Katie

Photo credit: Polish Katie

The day continued with more exploring and viewing different techno acts such as Josh Wink, Soul Clap, and Octave One. The duo Octave One was impeccable with their soulful and vibrant set filled with all kinds of tech-house and techno tunes. As the sun was setting into the night sky the darker and more intense techno acts will take over. At the Movement main stage, Belgian female techno sensation Amelie Lens. It was the first time witnessing her at a festival and it blew away all expectations. Her high volume baselines spreading throughout the stage and the festival grounds. It was mind-blowing to see her take over the crowd with her hard-hitting techno. Her set was intense, forceful, and solid. It was the best of the night. Closing out with techno heavyweight Loco Dice at the Pyramid stage. After seeing him multiple times, his set at Movement was a little different from his other festival sets. However, Loco Dice’s set at Movement was fun, energetic, with a dynamic techno vibe. A perfect way to end the first day of Movement Detroit.

Day two of the iconic techno festival was the best of all the days, witnessing never before seen techno acts, hypnotic sets, and was the most fun. The day started off with seeing ANNA at the Pyramid stage, the crowd was going wild for the impeccable female artist. It was difficult leaving the stage but it for an interview with Detroit local Andrea Ghita. The day continued with meeting up with friends and rekindling other festival friendships. The day continued with seeing Definitive Recordings boss John Acquaviva. It was the second time seeing the Canadian tech-house artist, but the most fun. Seeing everyone from the top of the Movement stage looking down at everyone in the crowd dancing together as one techno family. All the different techno dance circles down at the pit of the Movement stage along to John Acquaviva’s gripping set.

Photo credit:  Christopher Soltis

Photo credit: Christopher Soltis

The music continues over at the Pyramid stage with Ukrainian female artist, Nastia. I was able to gain access all the way up front to view the beautifully talented techno star. Her hard-hitting techno volume pushed all the way up to max to make your head rattle. Continuing things over at the Stargate stage with female house artist DJ Minx. It was the first time seeing the female Detroit native. With her funky vibes and soulful spirit of the Detroit techno city, dancing with everyone in the crowd was a great experience. Patrick Topping appeared with his bright yellow shirt to take over the Stargate stage. It always a pleasure and fantastic experience seeing Patrick Topping perform especially at a festival and of all festivals, Movement. Another spellbound set from the UK artist.

Photo credit:  Steven Pham

Photo credit: Steven Pham

At the Movement main stage, another Belgian female artist will take over the decks. The young and highly respectively talented Charlotte de Witte. Having to perform at iconic techno festivals from around the world, she graces the Detroit decks at Movement for another voluminous set. It loud and fast a perfect opener for the closing acts. The triple-hitting heavyweight act that consists of Dubfire, Nicole Moudaber, and Paco Osuna for their triple back-to-back set. This wasn’t the first time they’ve performed together but it was the first for them to perform in Detroit all together at once. Ending the night at the Pyramid stage for techno titan Richie Hawtin. Watching Richie Hawtin take over the stage with his Model 1 Mixer working the decks forming a triumphant set to end the second night of Movement.

Photo credit:  Jake Mulka Photography  

Photo credit: Jake Mulka Photography 

From all the after parties and staying up till dawn and into the afternoon it was extremely difficult for Day three. The cold air and spotting showers was not a fun addition to the third and final night. It was unfortunate that I missed the popup Ice cream booth from GRiZ, from the videos and pictures it looked like an incredible experience meeting the Detroit native. During the day was tolerable with the rain bits of the sun kept trying to appear, for DJ Tennis at the Pyramid. After catching a little of Dirtybird’s leading lady J. Phlip for another mesmerizing set.

Techno masters Claude VonStroke and Green Velvet who make up GET REAL performed at the Movement main-stage that final night. While German duo Tale Of Us performed at Pyramid stage. It was difficult to leave the Pyramid stage while Tale Of Us was performing their melodic techno set. Between the rain and the tears flowing down, I was drenched from their music. No one left their euphoric and captivating set, the lights shining through the rain drops it looked like crystals falling down in rhythm to Tale Of Us. Playing tracks from the Afterlife label, Sama - Fallen, and lots of IDs, setting the mood perfectly for a live set from Stephan Bodzin His set was even more melodic and tranquil, the rain was coming down harder the wind was blowing it was getting rough outside but his music warmed the blood and bones inside. Stephan Bodzin played tracks such as his Sleepless remix, Singularity, and Strand. While leaving the festival before it officially closed for this year, we overheard Hot Since 82 tearing up the Stargate stage. Another Movement in the books another chapter completed, a new to begin next year.

Photo credit:  Polish Katie

Photo credit: Polish Katie

Again this year at Movement Detroit the leading ladies in techno take the crowns as Queens and rulers of the festival. Especially ANNA, Nastia, Amelia Lens, and Charlotte de Witte played dark and compelling sets. These female artists did play better than some artists at Movement. It’s been an ongoing male-dominated industry for some time and in most entertainment industries its male-dominated however, with the generations gaining more power, spirit and, devotion to making a mark on the in this time. The more we support each, the more women will make a mark in today’s society and become inspirations and icons in the future for the next generations.

Photo credit:  Polish Katie

Photo credit: Polish Katie

It has been reported from festival organizers, Paxahau stated that this year’s Movement Detroit had 99,282 attendees pass through Hart Plaza during the holiday weekend, the highest attendance since it began charging people to attend in 2005. Movement Detroit has been America’s best techno festival and one of the longest. Gaining new attendees each and every year, Movement Detroit holds a special place in everyone’s hearts and lives.

NOT CARL COX!    Photo credit:  Jake Mulka Photography


Photo credit: Jake Mulka Photography

Top 5 Favorite Sets at Movement Detroit:

Stephan Bodzin



Tale Of Us

Richie Hawtin