Everyone part of this techno generation was at The Brooklyn Mirage on Saturday, June 15th people flew from different states just to attend his US return. Every techno fan in the Tri-State was there to see the King of techno, Carl Cox presenting his PURE concept at the iconic mecca of night spot, Brooklyn Mirage. Making it his official debut, at The Brooklyn Mirage, the PURE concept show completely sold out within minutes. I couldn’t walk two steps without running into someone I knew at times it was overwhelming at times, but it made my experience a million times better.

After years of performing at warehouses and Governor's Island, the King, Carl Cox made his debut performance at the pristine Brooklyn Mirage. After establishing and running PURE with Richie McNeill and Eric Powell in Australia, Cox is taking the concept to the states.


PURE was created with one message, get back to basics. Rather than people recording their moments on their phones they forgot about to live in the moment during an event. Festivals tried to out-do it with LEDs, lasers, and confetti cannons, it seemed that the music and the DJs were almost an afterthought. It’s time to put the phones away and live in the moment and enjoy the event and let the DJ in again.

Arriving in the middle of Josh Wink’s set, where he played another compelling performance, a perfect opener before the headlining act. Josh Wink has always been a top favorite and techno icon for many generations that love techno. The place was completely packed already at Brooklyn Mirage is was very difficult to find a comfortable spot. Plus constantly running into every friend in the techno scene it was hard staying still for a moment. We secured spots on the top of the bleachers to get the best view, lasers flashing at you, being able to see his name in lights on the walls of Brooklyn Mirage. All of my friends were able to dance and find everyone easily.


The stage was set, Carl Cox arrives at the decks everyone screamed and cheered at he yells “OH YES, OH YES! Are you ready New York”?! Compared to his recent performances at Governor’s Island and at warehouses, this was his best yet. Separating this performance apart from others because of his PURE concept, completely re-defying the club life experience. Carl Cox started off with house vibes as a slow warm-up completely taking the crowd in his control. Taking things to the next level with Avision – Foolers, then setting the mood to a groovy tone with Phutek’s rework of the 90s classic Searchin by 33 1/3 Queen. The experience PURE, Carl Cox playing all different kinds of techno tunes, controlling the crowd to every heavy beat and transition. There were technical issues, 30 minutes without sound. Everyone was confused but waited patiently until it started back up again. Carl Cox made a triumphant comeback effectively winning the crowd back making it the perfect redemption. Setting the mood to a dark tone, playing tracks from Drumcode such as Symbiosis by Enrico Sangiuliano and Le Ly Land by Luigi Madonna. As well as G Theme by Mark Broom and the newest single from Deetron with T-Symmetry that will be released officially on June 28th. Carl Cox closed out with a disco house ID track that will hopefully be released soon in the near future.

Out all the performances from Carl Cox in New York his PURE event at The Brooklyn Mirage was the best by far, lasers with constantly shining bright, his name CARL COX displaying on the walls of Brooklyn Mirage, the music was superb, the vibes were incredible. Delivering to what was expected to be the greatest club experience ever. Taking his longtime devoted fans back to the old nightclub era to where it was only about the artist and no electronics. People completely forgot about the phones was and people were mesmerized by the lasers and the music, nothing but dancing. Carl Cox played natural and pure set that will talked about all summer long. It will be next until the King returns to New York.