Innellea – a neologism; created in reference to the musical reinvention of the duo. Not restrained or bound by conventions, Innellea’s visions and impressions visibly transfer into their music. The duo is creating their personal journey to reach an undefined destination, without a lack of impetus. Members of Innellea, Daniel and Michael have been releasing EPs on iconic labels such as Afterlife and Innervisions plus collaborations with techno heavyweights. They have been in the techno scene for almost five years creating stunning music, tours around the world, and they have only just begun with dedication to skyrocket their musical career.

Afterlife have just released their Realm Of Consciousness Pt.IV, featuring the most elite techno artists including Innellea - Lost In Fades feat. Ameli. Electric Vibes had the privilege speaking to duo, Innellea picking their brain with all different types of questions and expressing their love for music.


What first brought you two together to create Innellea?

“Hey electric-vibes, thanks for having us! We both took part in a music collective organizing parties in and around Munich, Germany. It was maybe roughly 8 years ago. We quickly realized that we had the same ambition in more than just djing and organizing parties but also diving deep into the world of producing. So we decided to do some sessions together”.

Michael and Daniel from Munich invented Innellea in 2014 and straight moved on to spread their new sound. Both coming from other projects, they wanted to combine their talents and create something new. Influenced by melodic trends in electronic music, they found their way to combine it with the roots of Techno in a very creative way and came up with their own abstract sound.

How did you become Innellea?

“4 and a half years ago, when the sessions got more serious there was the idea to open up a duo, throwing our names’ letters together, shaking them well and creating a Soundcloud account with this new name. Sending out demos at this point marked the beginning of Innellea”.

Who is your biggest influence?

“We always had more sources of inspirations like art, nature etc.. Music for sure as well, but there was never this one big influence. Lately we have to admit that Adriatique is really on point with their releases, we pretty much dig any of their tracks coming out. Also their album gave us goosebumps”.


What was your favorite Afterlife event?

“To be honest, we haven’t had the chance to attend a real afterlife event so far. We once saw Kevin de Vries and Tale of Us playing in a club in Munich that had to close recently, which was quite impressive. But all the more we are happy to play live at Afterlife Ibiza on 19th September and let’s see, maybe we get the chance to go out and see more events during the summer”.

Your track “Lost In Fades” is on the new Afterlife compilation, how does it feel to have your track with the rest of the artists from Afterlife?

“It feels great, no doubt. Sharing the compilation with 19 other well respected or great upcoming artists amazes us for sure and grows a feeling of happiness in both of us”.

Besides “Lost In Fades” any new music in the works?

“We have lots of new music in the making! Besides that we will have a special release soon we’re not able to talk about yet :)

What defines your style of sound?

“It is hard to describe our sound from our point of view as others may could do better with their bird’s-eye perspective. But if we had to, we would describe it as a fairly complex structure, a solid drum groove with one remarkable sound at least, modulating pads in the background to set the mood, and a strong melody in the front. What we often hear is that you can get an Innellea track from its arrangement”.

What inspired you to create ‘Vigilans’?

“There was this crazy guitar riff that immediately had to be used as the fundamental of the track. When we recently reopened the project to prepare it for our live set to come, we were having a closer look on the melody track consisting of a crazy arpeggio and the DX7, we were like what is actually going on in here…”

What festival or event stand out the most?

“We are really looking forward to play at Fusion Festival again this year as this one really stuck in our minds. We luckily played many great events, so it is hard to tell which one was standing out the most, being fair to everybody.”

What’s on the horizon for Innellea?

“We are really looking forward to the summer as we both have graduated now and many great events to come up. It will be our first Ibiza season this year and besides that we are happy to be touring the world to India, Morocco, and many other great places.”

Thanks for the interview, Dani & Michi!

Listen to Realm Of Consciousness Pt. IV released on Afterlife featuring nineteen artists including Innellea, Lost In Fast. The compilation also features Agents Of Time, Vaal, Mathame, Kevin de Vries, Anna, and Tale Of Us. With the fourth Realm Of Consciousness compilation, Tale Of Us shine a light on the artists whose work has shaped their sets in recent times.