The Brooklyn Mirage made a triumphant return to the New York party scene when it opened its doors on last Friday for its third season. The prolific South African producer, singer-songwriter, and DJ, Black Coffee, showed up for his Mirage debut with the heart of a wolf and the heat of a zillion suns.

Known for his tribal rhythms, soulful performances, and reserved sophistication, Black Coffee brought his authentic Afropolitan house sound to Brooklyn in remarkable fashion. The completely energized, completely sold out crowd showed up with hearts wide open and footwear secure as all hell for a night of dancing (and exploring) they certainly won’t forget anytime soon.

The vibe was radiating from the moment I stepped in line. We were all stoked to once again enjoy the music we love with an open sky above. The pure energy in the air was attacking everyone from all angles as we all excitedly entered our massive playground for the evening.

The chill out room you enter through was packed with comfortable seating areas, colorful pillows, and Zen patterns while super simple, melodic beats and rhythms pulsated the air. It was a calming way to enter through the doors to the wonderland waiting inside the castle walls and to take a moment to breathe before being completely overwhelmed by energy waves hitting like trucks.


The Brooklyn Mirage introduced its brand new, reasonably priced food court and forest chill out area on Friday night as well. This area gave party goers a place to gather themselves if need be and refuel. All soaked with a super lush green, the beautiful plants welcomed us to these fantastic new additions and paired oh so well with the music emitting from the massive open-air space a short walk away.                 

Opening for Black Coffee was Greece’s DJ Angelo and South African duo Black Motion. Thumping tribal drums were moving all bodies. The vibe within, and on, the walls was magical as the crowd danced its way through all areas of the space, eyes glistening with joy. Our openers for the evening were a pleasant surprise to all as they seamlessly lit a fire inside each one of us. They set the tone proper for Black Coffee to take the decks at 12:30 and lead us on an unforgettable journey through a masterpiece of a four-hour set.

Black Coffee.jpg

To say Black Coffee’s performance was anything less than spectacular would be fighting words in my house. The moment he took over the decks you could feel this calm, cool, collective, reserved, and intelligent being already taking control of you. His confidence was pouring out and flooding the castle walls as if a dam broke. The only word I can think of to describe the night from this moment forward: thunderous.

Black Coffee’s selection over the four hours was superb. Drawing from his self-produced masterpieces, classic remixes/edits, and carefully chosen dance tracks, he lit us all on fire. Monstrous drums, soul ascending vocals, time melting tribal house melodies, shuffle worthy drops, and perfect timing came together for a night filled with surprises.

The range of emotions I felt during his performance is what impressed me the most about this night. I was lifted high into a state of bliss and soul searching with the tribal rhythms. Crushed with mammoth-sized drums that awoke the warrior inside me. The breathtaking vocals brought me to sensitive places within my heart and the dirty house beats threw me into a proper get down on the dance-floor with a crowd oozing their authentic selves.

I was completely in the moment. Enjoying the sweet present playing out for us lucky folks who managed to get a ticket. It was an indescribable feeling. Especially from the top of the walls of The Mirage. When I was looking down at the swaying crowd and looking straight ahead through the magnificent lights and the pillars of spitting fire-there was Black Coffee. Front and center and in complete control. I felt bliss. The rain sadly didn’t hold off, but it was tolerable enough to make the night even more beautiful. As I looked behind me at the Manhattan skyline, I felt nothing but gratitude for being able to experience such a legend in such a wild venue. I applaud The Brooklyn Mirage for this booking and for starting the summer off on such a high-class note. Summer 2019 has arrived.

The Brooklyn Mirage | Photo credit: Michael Poselski /  Off Brand Project

The Brooklyn Mirage | Photo credit: Michael Poselski/ Off Brand Project