Brazilian born but Berlin-based producer Victor Ruiz has a unique sound. For years he has been known for his high velocity quality of productions, which has made him a established artist in the Techno scene. Having released many tracks and remixes on major labels, his edits of classic songs are extremely popular and part of Victor’s trademark. From touring at big and intimate festivals and clubs, Victor Ruiz continues his journey and will be performing at Brooklyn’s Avant Gardner this Saturday, April 13th. Electric Vibes had the opportunity to interview the talented producer about his upcoming EP and how it all began.


We are happy to see you are coming to New York this coming weekend, at Avant Gardner and we can’t wait to see the show. Will you be road testing out your new EP ‘Nimbus’ on Drumcode, due this May? Can you tell us more about the story behind these tracks?

“I’m very happy to be in New York this Saturday, but it’s actually my first time. Yes, I’ve been playing both tracks since I finished them. The title track “Nimbus” I recorded in my new hometown Berlin, and as I’m without a studio for a year now, I had to make it only with my laptop and headphones. The main hook’s melody I wrote on a plane with a Moog plugin in my iPad, just for fun. The melody got stuck in my mind and I had to make a track out of that. It was pretty easy to finish it after that.

“Unveil”, in other hand, is a track I did back in São Paulo, when I used to live there. I wanted to make a track without any formula or break, and wanted it to be raw and intense, so it became.”

This EP marks your first full release on Drumcode, a label which is currently very popular in the USA – do you think the label has played a major part in introducing fans of EDM to techno?

“For sure. For a while Drumcode has been the main label to spread and inspire a whole generation of people into Techno. The music is great, the crew is great, the events are great, so it’s a great combo. Adam really thinks forward and that’s one of the things I admire him the most, because I’m also always trying to think further down the road. It’s an honor to be part of the label with a full release.”

From Brazil, you are considered one of the top techno artists – looking back over the years what does this mean to you, and what goals do you yet have to reach?

“It means a lot. I started 13 years ago, and I’ve been through so much during this time. A lot of hard work, far too many hours seated in front of the computer making music, failing all the time, but also succeeding.

It means that all the effort was worth it. Every compromise, every night without sleeping, every holiday away from my family. It was all worth it and I would do it all again if it was needed. Now for the next goals I’ll keep that as a secret. ;)”

Travelling is a huge part of your job, and NY is a city with a lot to offer. Do you have any plans whilst here for sightseeing? Or maybe a favorite spot you can recommend?

“I’ll have a free Sunday there actually, so I’ll try to explore as much as I can. No clue where to go so far, but I’ll figure it out I’m sure. Any recommendations from you guys and your readers?”


What’s the one item you cannot live without whilst on tour?

“Clean underwear, sleeping mask, Melatonin, and earplugs for sleeping. Super important items! Haha, sorry that's not one is it?!”

Going back to your beginning – who were those artists who really inspired you to take up producing and DJing as a career?

“Richie Hawtin played a big role inspiring me to push further as a DJ.

As for producers Stephan Bodzin has always inspired me, and he still does, to be authentic and to find my sound. He’s such a legend!”

Who would be your dream collaboration?

“Trent Reznor, from Nine Inch Nails.”

Apart from your EP on Drumcode, what else can we look forward to from you this year – both musically and gig wise?

“I’m working on a remix for a producer that I admire a lot and is one of my favorite ones these days. Gig wise, apart from my US debut tour (now I’ll be around more often), summer will be busy, will make my debut at Awakenings Festival (playing B2B with my friend Bart Skils) and will play in many amazing festivals. I’m quite excited.”

Can you list your top 3 tracks you’re playing right now for our readers to check out?

Wehbba – ‘Third Wave’

Thomas Schumacher – ‘Golden Hour’

Victor Ruiz – ‘Nimbus’


Victor Ruiz is making his New York debut performance at the pristine Avant Gardner in Brooklyn on Saturday, April 13th. Victor will be opening for Belgian’s and good friend Charlotte de Witte, bringing his Berlin techno vibes to the city that never sleeps.