Teksupport succeeded once again by bringing one of the greatest party brand, Cocoon created by Pappa Sven Väth to New York last Saturday, March 30th at the warehouse party spot, 99 Scott Ave. Cocoon was created in 1996 and has grown into globally nation-wide clubland. A parted series that Sven has invested his entire saving on has since evolved into an Ibiza destination.  

Photo Credit:  Off Brand Project

Photo Credit: Off Brand Project

After a long hiatus from America, Sven Väth made sure that he would produce an extra special showcase, along with those Ibiza vibes. One of the most iconic party series combined with one of the top leading techno event brands, it was bound to be another night where both achieved another breakthrough. The Cocoon NY showcase included Butch, Taimur, plus Drumcode up-and-comer Ilario Alicante for his American debut. Each artist played at their finest. All giving outstanding performances. The entire warehouse was completely packed with devoted techno-heads.

Having only seen Pappa Sven once at a festival in Europe, the excitement was real and filled with emotion when he first approached the decks. For everyone who has seen or met the legend behind the decks to really understand. With two fully-packed vinyl collection, he picks up every crowd and takes them on a journey traveling through time from old and new of the finest techno. It was astonishing having the opportunity to be in the presents with Sven. Seeing the master behind the decks, the same stage as him along with the team it was truly an honor and powerful moment. Witnessing exactly how the legend works his magic on the vinyl decks and crowd. Shuffling through his vinyl collection throughout his epic three-hour set was truly a special sight to see.

The vibes were on a different level all because of Sven Väth that night. The crowd was so in tune with the music, Sven gripped everyone on an intense and wild ride. Connecting with everyone a personal level through music, it’s a natural talent and its not something you can teach or learn but something you are born with. Everyone cheering and clapping to Sven Väth. It was dawn as the sun rises and the sunlight reflects through the windows, the techno heavyweight closes his set a little past 6 AM. Nobody wanted him or the event to end.  It truly was a historic and monumental experience for everyone who was apart of the event that night, Cocoon adds another chapter to its expedition.

Teksupport completes another milestone with Cocoon NY edition, Teksupport continues to bring more events to this year’s calendar including a debut festival this May. Teksupport has set the bar to an extremely high standard by creating ideal events in Brooklyn and throughout New York.

Photo Credit:  Off Brand Project

Photo Credit: Off Brand Project