Lee Reynolds or “Papa Lee” given by Desert Hearts fans, has reached another milestone in his musical career. The former BMX star transformed into a renowned DJ and becoming a co-founder of the Desert Hearts family. While each member has their own style of house and techno, Lee Reynolds has a unique style of house infused with disco classics and ecstatic grooves. Within days before their Desert Hearts Festival, Lee Reynolds has released his debut solo EP entitled Can’t Rewind.

Photo credit: Galen Oakes

Photo credit: Galen Oakes

Can’t Rewind features Reynolds own vocals, with a deep heavy electric guitar infusion. Within it an rhythmic trippy percussion that moves you to the chore. Sex Gangs is pumped with 80s-inspired vocals, a divine combination of both house and craft. It’s On the very vibrant and lively house track perfect for the dance-floors and fits within the EP that is superb. Closing out with an uplifting Revolution Earth, whose keyboard accents and tribal deep house feel built for all hours and Desert Hearts dance-floors.

Lee Reynolds will join the rest of the crew for their Desert Hearts Festival taking place this weekend, April 25th - 29th. Expect to hear Can’t Rewind throughout the weekend by himself and others in the Desert Hearts extended family.

Can’t Rewind EP is available to stream

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