HPNOTIC knows how to bring the energy. She hypnotizes her fans with her mind-bending sets. This rising hardstyle star first started DJing in 2010 and has since captivated fans at Defqon 1, Q-Base and Basscon.

We at Electric Vibes were honored to speak to her at Exchange LA at the Electric show. The sold-out Electric Show featured an all-female lineup! Jhessue Yang aka HPNOTIC had an undeniable stage presence. Her set from start to finish had amazing flow.

Get hypnotized with us and get to know what it was like for her growing up in Korea, when music became more than a hobby for her and what her fans can expect next!  

What does your creative process look like ?

My creative process usually consists of listening to a lot of "outside" resources; meaning that I listen to a lot of pop music, movie soundtracks, and literal outside elements.

What music did you grow up listening to ?

I grew up listening to a lot of K-Pop. Groups like Wonder Girls, Girl's Generation, 2PM, Super Junior, and 2NE1.

What was it like growing up in Korea?

My parents had given me opportunity to learn many different things such as: music, sports and art. Thanks to them, I had the ability to study and experience various subjects and activities through my life. Although, I had such opportunities, it was challenging growing up in a highly competitive society like there is in Korea. There was a lot of pressure for me to be perfect in absolutely everything, and despite my efforts of trying my best, there were times where it was very hard being happy.

When did music become more than a hobby for you?

When I first played shows back in Korea. I became addicted to seeing people have a great time on the dance floor—and since that moment I decided to turn music into a life career.

What is it like being a female in a male dominated industry?

I wouldn't divide the world between males and females. I have many male artist friends who are always there to support me and we are like siblings. I think it's a matter of the quality of people rather than gender that makes a good team—to teach and inspire each other and bring something new.

In three words how would you describe Hardstyle to someone who hasn't heard of it before ?

I would describe Hardstyle as "energetic," "powerful," and "hard."

Do you have any non EDM inspirations or artist you look up to?

J. Y. Park! He is a great Korean singer-songwriter, record producer and company executive.

How would you describe your fans?

My fans are very diverse. They have different backgrounds, ages, countries, and industries. They are very passionate, and I sometimes get overwhelmed with love from my fans.

What can your fans expect from you next ?

I plan on bringing a content package which includes more music, visuals, and art that my audience can enjoy!