Say goodbye to getting ripped off by scalpers because DICE, the live event ticketing and discovery platform is expanding to the U.S. DICE has powered tickets for some of the world’s biggest artists including Kanye West, Adele, Diplo, and Rex Orange County, after achieving a cult following in the U.K. DICE’s stateside arrival brings with its ambitious expansion plans and a bold mission to eradicate the nationwide problem of ticket scalping.

The British company, uses innovative mobile technology to ensure tickets are anti-scalper, begins its U.S. expansion in New York and Los Angeles, with plans to land in Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Austin, and Atlanta. Out of the gates, DICE already has several exclusive U.S. venues confirmed, including Sound, The Lyric and Gold Diggers in Los Angeles, as well as Chelsea Music Hall, Alphaville, and Kinfolk in New York City.

DICE stands up to scalpers with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to crack down on problematic activities in the ticket marketplace. A move supported by 2,000 public complaints about the current broken ticketing system.

DICE utilizes a multi-pronged approach to stop scalping; mobile tickets locked to smartphones are hassle-free for fans but a nightmare for scalpers, refunds to sold-out shows removes the need for secondary resale, and machine learning capabilities within the app monitor for (and ban) any user trying to cheat the system.

“DICE was born out of frustration. I managed artists whose tickets were being sold at inflated prices that we couldn’t control. Everyone told me that it couldn’t be solved but no one had thought about creating a platform that was really built for fans, which is the most obvious approach. We’re obsessed in making it easy for fans and there’s never been a better time for DICE to launch in the United States. US fans hate scalping, we’re here to kill it. American scalpers be warned, it’s over.” - Phil Hutcheon, DICE CEO and Founder

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