Born in Brazil and moving to Vienna in the mid-90s to her pursue her musical dreams, Joyce Muniz started out mixing drum & bass and breaks and soon landed a residency at the legendary Flex Club. This regular slot pushed her to develop into playing a more eclectic multitude of styles, from house and techno to dub. It was here that her ‘sound’ began to form, drawing on a wide range of influences and styles and filtering them into a dance floor context. Amassing a huge vinyl collection and a deep knowledge of electronic music along the way, she laid her strong foundations in these formative years.

As if the busy touring schedule and production output wasn’t enough, she also hosts her own radio show on FM4 Vienna, promotes her Joyce Muniz & Friends club nights, speaks regularly at Native Instruments MASCHINE events and is working on her very own live set which is sure to set pulses racing, and her current residency on the prestigious Rinse FM has been the icing on her cake. When you exude boundless creativity as she does, juggling this many projects isn’t just natural; it’s essential. Meanwhile, her DJ sets to continue to amaze crowds around the world, taking in everything from deep, dark, percussive drums, to electro and driving house beats. Electric Vibes had the opportunity and privilege to interview the talented Joyce Muniz about her new EP.

I have to ask about your last remix, which I loved – it was for Hannah Holland, on her label Batty Bass - what inspired you with this remix?

“I know Hannah Holland for many years, one of my favorite DJ I know her style, it’s one of the fastest remixes in I’ve done in 8 years. I wanted to keep this old school vibes. I love Drum n’ Bass, I wanted to keep jungle heritage and background, we have a long friendship and wanted to keep the cultural respect”

How did you discover your style of sound?

“I don’t think about the style of sound by background is Drum n Bass then I moved to house music, sometimes it's deeper or harder, I go with the flow, I'm an artist, My family is from Brazil. I love hip/hop and rock. I feel the vibe”


What was it like to collab with Namito for your ‘Me & Da Beat’ EP for Desert Hearts?

“I did remix for Desert Hearts a few years ago, I know SABO for ages, the guys asked me about the remix for while, I have different styles and sounds, I waited for the right moment, I moved to Berlin 2 years ago, I rented a studio, Mikey Lion fell in love with track, I love the vibes, its a mix between.”

Any other new music in the works?

“I recently released my EP called ‘Strange Girl’ on Exploded, with Little Boots, it's deeper. I actually told Victoria that I was unlucky in love with a girl, and she composed the vocals around that story for this track. She always manages to get the perfect message across with her words and bring energy and love to my productions. The lead track is the perfect combination of all my feelings.”

The remix pack has also just come out for that release last week! We have two remix packs in total, the next in April. The first had reworks from Shadowchild and Black Loops, I loved both so much!

AND I have a mega new release which I am also really excited about with an amazing woman – Kim Ahn! She is from LA, and we have been working on the next release called ‘Give Me The Taste’ which is going to be out on Hell’s label Gigolo in April! It also comes with a remix pack, on a DJ Pierre’s label Afro Acid! Super excited for this summer and my music to be out there.

'Strange Girl' tells the familiar tale of a meeting with a girl considered something of an outsider; a trope within house music that connects and inspires many of its protagonists. Alongside Hesketh's siren-like voice, Muniz constructs a deeply emotive groove of warm notes, snappy laser FX and bubbling acid sweeps. On 'Ain't No Stopping' Joyce builds a more robust late-night jam with ricochet male vocals, tight percussive energy, and a killer 303 hook.

Festival season is officially here! What are your plans for this year’s festival season? Any other major events or dates in the US too?

Yes, I have been confirmed to play the amazing Desert Hearts Festival in San Diego, which I am really excited about as it has a really cool vibe in the middle of nowhere with no phone signal. I am looking forward to playing a bit more of a groovy trippy set there. I have also been locked in for an Official Movement after-party in Detroit – which is massive for me, one of the original homes of dance music. We are also working on getting back to America again in the next couple of months, as the last tour was great – and will have a date in San Francisco again too!

If you can bring anyone back that we lost so soon in the music world who would it be and why?

“Definitely PRINCE! – because he is one of the greatest musicians ever. He can do it all, and at the highest level – producing, singing and performing. Even though its pop music he keeps it sexy and cool and that's something I always try to emphasize in a lot in my tracks. So yes, he is also one of my biggest inspirations since I can remember’.

What’s on the horizon for Joyce Muniz?

“Making more music and performing at more festivals.