Berlin-based DJ and producer Emanuel Satie have made a name for himself in the house and techno scene. Since winning the Best Producer accolade in the DJ Awards in 2016, Emanuel's reputation and Output have gone from strength to strength. Emanuel Satie is set to perform at the iconic event, GET LOST this Saturday, March 30th during Miami Music Week. Electric Vibes had the privilege and opportunity to interview Emanuel Satie.  

What is your favorite part of Miami Music Week?

“It‘s my first time actually. I only just now got my US visa done and like the good boy that I am, I waited to tour the US before I got it. So I‘m excited to discover MMW finally.”

What is your favorite part of the city of Miami?

“My bed! No. I‘m guessing it‘s gonna be the beach, but I also heard a lot about the Cuban influences, definitely want to experience that as well.”

What are most you looking forward to at this year’s Miami Music Week?

“Especially looking forward to playing my shows at Get Lost, Electric Pickle and Do Not Sleep, but also meeting my friends from all over the world and having some downtime in the sun.”

What’s the most difficult thing about Miami Music Week for you?

“Staying halfway sober and getting the things done you set out to do is always the most difficult part of these big industry gatherings. Seriously, there are so many DJs I wanna catch playing, meetings etc. I wanna keep it civil this time. I said that before though :) Let‘s see.”

Pete Tong and Emanuel Satie, have teamed up to present their new collaboration Time For Love. Radio 1’s very own, Pete Tong, has earned himself a reputation as the global ambassador of Dance music with releases on some of the biggest labels in Dance as well as countless sold out shows across the globe. The new single fuses Tong and Satie’s collective sounds offering a raw House and Techno infused record packed with melodic synths, beautifully intricate pianos and a hypnotic bassline alongside soothing vocals which add a layer of intrigue and emotion.

What inspired you to create your newest release with Pete Tong on Saved Records “Time For Love”?

“It was really Pete’s ideas that inspired the track. He sent me some ideas around a year ago, some more musical stuff, clearly inspired by his Ibiza classics orchestra collaboration, it fit perfectly with what I was going for at that time. I wanted to counter that epic, orchestral vibe with some more ravey old school drums and a 303 line to give it a bit more edge. It was a very organic process.”

You’ve collaborated with many artists such as Pete Tong and released a complication on Damian Lazarus' label Crosstown, who else do you wish to collaborate with?

“Honestly collaborating with Pete Tong and releasing on crosstown rebels were two ambitions of mine that I was thrilled to fulfill. I would love to do an EP on Cocoon. I was an intern there back in the day, so this would be a full circle - a dream come true moment. There are many more artists and labels that I would like to work with however, it‘s too many to mention though and there are new ones popping up every year that really excite me.”

You’re performing at the 24-hour party, GET LOST during MMW, what are you most looking forward to at the event? 

“I can‘t wait to catch the opening set of WIZARDRY which is Damian Lazarus, DJ tennis and DJ Three, who are all amongst my favorite DJs. Butch, Guy Gerber, and Bedouin are also always inspiring and I want to check out the live act of Aether.”

2018 was the strongest year yet for Emanuel with Don’t Forget To Go Home on Rebirth being placed in several of the end of year charts for best song. He also compiled and mixed Get Physical’s 20th Body Language compilation and had his debut on Damian Lazarus' label Crosstown Rebels.

What was the inspiration behind the track 'Don’t Forget To Go Home' on Rebirth, which was a huge success for you last year?

Everybody is familiar with Soul’s of Mischief’s track that samples Billy Cobham‘s ‘Heather', but not everybody knows the original track from Billy which has these gorgeous drums and very pretty Rhodes melody. I thought it would be cool to bring both of those together.”

Any new music or projects in the works?

“Yes - next up is a remix for Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons and also,  I have an EP in Knee Deep In Sound coming out. Speaking of Billy Cobham, I‘m gonna do a remix for him that is gonna come out on Rebirth soon, which is the perfect and logical follow up for Don‘t Forget To Go Home. I’m also working on more EPs that i can‘t announce yet as well as my debut album.”

What’s on the Horizon for Emanuel Satie?

“I just wanna become a better and better artist every year and reach more and more people with what I do. We have some pretty good events and festivals lined up already this year and a lot of interesting music coming up, so it‘s looking good on the horizon. :)”

Emanuel Satie will be performing at GET LOST this Saturday, March 30th at Lemon City Studios during Miami Music Week, check him out LIVE. Experience the massive 24-hour event filled with art installations, beautiful vibes, and iconic music from heavyweight artists.