As an avid fan of duo Tritonal, gaining the likes of fans from around the world with their uplifting music and podcast Tritonia. The true fans such as me, have been following them since Chapter 001. Last Thursday, March 14th marked a huge milestone for them as they entered into Tritonia 250 which took place at Terminal 5 in NYC. The milestone event was recorded live that night on Sirius XM and was broadcast throughout the entire country. Being a part of this spectacular monumental experience was truly a memorial will last a lifetime.    

Tritonal members Dave Reed and Chad Cisneros have come a long way as artists. Having been in the dance music scene from years, the duo has entered through many forms and realms of dance music which has made their personal collection so unique. Tracks like Now or Never, Satellite and Anchor have gained the likes of numerous fans globally. Their music has evolved over a decade from progressive house to tropical and more, Tritonal created multiple albums and tunes for millions.

Tritonal’s evolution and success prove that compelling songwriting, innovative production, and exuberant performances will always resonate with music lovers of all kinds, from underground purists to stadium crowds. As the lead character in the Blackout video narrates before connecting with her kindred spirit, “I’ve always been on the inside looking out, never belonging, never fitting in. I was told that I was too different to be loved, too different to be understood. But I know, somewhere in the darkness, there is a light.” It’s a universal longing that Tritional has mastered transcending with every release.

The Tritonia 250 was completely full of Tritonians who has supported Tritonal for years. With the help from Disco Fries and Shaun Frank as opening acts. Both gave outstanding performances, different elements of dance music compiled into two epic opening sets. When Tritonal took Terminal 5, the entire dance-floor was packed and filled with dedicated Tritonians. When Tritonal emerged everyone screamed with excitement. You can literally feel everyone’s vibe and energy including Tritonals. Opening with their uplifting unique track Hey Mamama, bringing the entire crowd clapping their hands to the music. Continuing their set with the popular Getaway featuring Angel Taylor. Chad bursting with energy as he dances on the stage in front of the crowd, yelling “put your hands up”. Tritonal takes us back to some of their greatest hits with Anchor and collaboration with Cash Cash - Untouchable. Tritonal was in shock and humbled with how many were at Tritonia 250 and the incredible vibes from everyone. The members of Tritonal could not stop thanking their fans for all the wonderful years. Tritonal continues their set with U Found Me, Gonna Be Alright, and Easy the entire Trtionia 250 set was filled with massive tracks by Tritonal including Hard Pass and their newest track Diamonds from their U&Me album. Also playing favorites such as Satellite and the track that started everything for Tritonal Now or Never. The one disappointment is that they played a dubstep remix of “Now or Never” which killed the moment, really wished they could have played the original track. Tritonal quickly redeemed themselves by playing their melodic collaboration with Seven Lions and Kill The Noise Horizon. Throughout Tritonia 250, Tritonal added the live voice of Sirius XM that was being broadcast everywhere giving the confirmation that you are inside of Tritonia 250. The historical night will be cherished forever with a group photo with Shaun Frank, Disco Fries, Tritonal, and Tritonians.

Being a part of Tritonia 250 was truly a monumental experience personally because of being an avid fan since the beginning of their musical career. Seeing Tritonal evolve to what they are today and knowing that their high energy and humbled personalities shows that this more than a career its a passion that is a living dream. Tritonians thank you, Tritonal for making incredible tracks and sharing feelings and emotions with us. Looking forward to another 250 more episodes of Tritonia.


Relive the moments and listen to Tritonia 250!

Final Dates of Tritonal U&ME Tour:

3/21- New Daisy Theatre - Memphis, TN

3/22- Buckhead Theatre - Atlanta, GA

3/23- The Ritz Ybor - Tampa, FL