Ganesh is one of L.A’s early innovators in the trance scene. He has a unique underground sound that has captivated fans for over two decades. Make sure to catch his set this Friday at Beyond Wonderland!

We at Electric Vibes were honored to chat ahead of his set to get to know him more and what is next for this innovative Dreamstate resident DJ.

Nice to meet you! We at Electric Vibes are happy to have you here.

It’s great to be here!  

What does your creative process look like?

If you mean production wise, well it’s still very much in its infancy. but lots and lots of reference tracks.  Trying to achieve a sound that is in my head and getting that translated into an actual sonic translation is incredibly difficult and at this point, I’m looking back to the producers and DJs that inspired me and looking at the current artists and DJs.  I’m happy to say that a lot of them are the same that inspired when I started out. I’m trying to recreate that feeling I had raving in San Francisco and Los Angeles in the ‘90s


What can your fans expect at Beyond Wonderland?

I hope they can expect to not hear any of the same tracks I play, being played by any of the other DJs playing that night.That’s something I always try to do.  I try to dig deep and find the underground.


What music did you grow up listening to?

As a teen, it was a lot of New Wave and Heavy Metal.  Depeche Mode to Iron Maiden. It was all over the place really.  I can say though that I always had a love of music. It has been such an integral aspect of my life and as you can see it still does


When did music become more than a hobby for you?


Hard to say really.  I started my path to being a DJ, foolishly though, thinking that I just wasn't hearing what I wanted to hear, and I wanted to change that.  That I am still here answering questions like this is mind-blowing the odds of actually having any success, at any level, is just crazy. Especially, today.


Congratulations on your new radio show infectious radio on, how does it feel being a host?


Yeah!  Thank you!  It’s crazy. I’ve always been scared that there just wasn’t enough music to have a totally unique radio show, on a regular basis but so far it’s working out. The artists that have been lending their talents to help keep it going, has been incredible.

What do you look for in talent as A&R for Practikal recordings?


I’m looking for energy and originality that stands out from the pack.  There are certain things that I’m absolutely looking to avoid, actually but that’s something I’m looking to keep to myself, actually.  There are trends that seem to be overdone a bit and I’m hoping I can help shape the sound with a fresh take over here, across the pond.


How long have you been DJing?


The easy answer is, I got my second turntable for my birthday, in ‘95.  I started betting paying gigs probably in ‘96-’97.  My first mixtape was Goa trance, which is how I ended up with my DJ name. I never in a million years thought it would actually have any real success. It has been life changing. It's going on 24 years now.


Who do you consider the influences of your sound?

That is really difficult to answer.  Historically, Commander Tom, Scot Project and Baby Doc stand out in my mind.  The UK Hard Trance sounds of the early 2000s is still one my my favorite sounds. I'm starting to hear that style in some of the more recent releases. Super excited and that.  Project 8, Alex di Stefano, and incredibly still Scot Project and currently just doing amazing work.


Looking through the rest of the year, what are some things you are most looking forward to?

Without a doubt,  release of the tracks I've been working.  RJ Van Xetten and I have a hard trance/tech trance hybrid due out shortly and I have a release due out on FSOE Clandestine in about a month. Also helping Practikal recordings find more talent in the Americas and being able to help others get the recognition they deserve. I'm just so happy to have had the opportunities to do what I love and have people respond so positively to them.  I'm incredibly grateful for the support I've received. A big “thank you” to you for this interview and to anyone reading it.