Brooklyn native, DESNA is making her mark in the industry by creating music that transcends and embodies the mind and soul. A genre re-defying through production and track selection, her futuristic style of sound rides primarily in the techno scene.

It all began in Brooklyn performing at underground parties which led to launching her own event series “Risky Business.” She had numerous notable residencies around the world and has gained wide acclaim by infusing her house inspired NYC energy with an industrial influence derived from Western European travels. Tonight, March 15, 2019 at Avant Gardner her journey continues with a three-hour extended opening set for ANNA taking place at the Kings Hall. We had the wonderful opportunity in interviewing the talented music artist, DESNA and discussed about the underground scene and her three-hour opening set.

As a Brooklyn native, what lead you in the techno/underground house scene?

“About 5-6 years ago, Brooklyn had an amazing moment in time when “Underground” parties were all being thrown in sketchy warehouses etc., which made not only the music exciting, but the raw feel of the atmosphere and the mission was purely to dance.”


Where do you get your inspiration from, being a Brooklyn native?

“Mostly the dirty grit this city has that gives it its charm, which can also be translated to how I play and make music.”


You recently performed at EDC Mexico, What was your favorite moment at EDC Mexico?

“Definitely, having all of my friends on the art car when I was playing was my highlight. I had about 20 people there from different states that flew in to support me. It was awesome!”


Who influenced you, musically?

“In music, I would say I have a broad range such as Radio Slave, Jeff Rushin, Joseph Capriati and more. I don’t have a muse or anyone I mirror my image or sound after though.”


You recently released the dark techno track, ‘Money Lotion’ on Christian Smith’s Tronic label, how big of a milestone is this for you?

“It’s a nice milestone for sure and Christian is a really nice guy with a powerful label. I’m looking forward to releasing more music on Tronic this year.”

 Your 3-hour opening extended set for ANNA at Avant Gardner is this Friday, what are you most looking forward to that night?

“It’s exciting to know that the event is selling out, so my debut will have a nicely packed room. I spent a lot of time there last summer, so being able to be a part of this show is exhilarating.”


At the Avant Gardner show, are you going to release new music?

“Yes! I will be playing some new tracks that haven’t been released!”


Being a Brooklyn native, what are your feelings on how the club scene is changing and most places are closing or closed down such as Output?

“Well, Output was definitely a hard blow for me since they supported my career so much! BUT change is always necessary and positive, and I may not be playing at Avant Gardner this Friday if that hadn’t happened.”


What’s your favorite part about being a Brooklyn native and having the opportunity to express your musical talent?

“I love living here and the sense of opportunity in New York is grandiose and limitless. It is a city where dreams are made of and the hustle is real as much as the reward is within reach.”


What’s on the horizon for DESNA?

“Some touring and really getting to know my fans on a more personal level. I love talking to the people who follow me and engage on my social media. I also plan on releasing a bunch of music this year (those announcements are coming).”

DESNA will be performing tonight at Avant Gardner in the Kings Hall. See her in person hear ‘Money Lotion” live and watch her work the magical on the decks and provide incredible hard-hitting techno tunes, a perfect opening act. Plus, order “Money Lotion” via Beatport.

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10 PM - 4:30 AM