It’s officially Envision Festival week! Besides the incredible lineup of headliners and other masterful artists, the Electric Vibes team compiled a list of the Top 5 best Latin acts at this year’s Envision Festival. Experience their culture by listening and viewing acts that are well known in this beautiful region of the world.

Nicola Cruz

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An interest in ancestral Latin American cosmology has always run right through the music of Ecuadorian music producer Nicola Cruz. His creative process involves an attentive, careful search for the living roots and rituals that are part of South American identity—its Andean and African origins in particular—valuing its rhythms, its oral traditions, its instruments and the energy they transmit. His first record, Prender el Alma (2015) explored the development of consciousness and spirituality, and how they connect with music. In Siku, his most recent production, Cruz continues this exploration, expanding his vision towards new stories and other cultures as sources of inspiration. A crucial aspect of this journey is his collaboration with other artists from around the world. During his tours of different countries, Cruz took interest in trying out new instruments and harmonies. This led to the possibility of collaborating with other artists in a creative exchange in which music was the common language.

La Chiva Gantiva

La Chiva Gantiva.png

The band itself was born in the cultural and diverse city of Brussels (Belgium), when three Colombian immigrants gathered around a percussion kit, driven by a desire to produce original music and to assert their cultural roots. This encounter resulted in a blend of Afro-Colombian and traditional rhythms that quickly summoned and assimilated contributions by musicians from all over the world; the present members of La Chiva are of Colombian, Vietnamese, Belgian and Chilean origins. Such eclectic musical and cultural influences not only resulted in a powerful mix of sounds but in their explosive and exciting performances. In fact, it was their live shows which conquered their public and caught the attention of the media: "They are a frenetic carnival-punk racket that detonates like a Molotov cocktail of rock, rap, soul and ferociously funky Latin rhythms" The Times."

Santos & Zurdo

Santos & Zurdo.jpeg

Electronic World Music with lots of grooves! This amazing combination of live electronic beats and blips with a masterfully played Sitar from India has been making it´s way through Central and North America, catching the attention of music and dance lovers everywhere they go. Two trips to perform at Burning Man and many years of intensive touring back the careers of these three musicians. Performing at all major festivals in Costa Rica, doing also small venue shows, and basically taking their sound to every corner of the country has helped develop this unique and attractive style. There is no way of properly explaining the experience of a live Santos & Zurdo set, especially since the coming on board of bassist Luigi J, who has added a couple tons of groove to the already crazy mix.



Pachanga Boys, Hippie Dance, TOPAZdeluxe, M.N. Roy and Mayan Warrior are some of the projects Rebolledo is involved as "Experience Designer" showing his forward-thinking vision. Foremost, He believes in music beyond boundaries, collecting material from all corners of the world and showing how you can tell a story with those apparently unconnected records. His sound is propelled forward by psychedelic beats and rippling synthetic basslines that induce trance-like states. Whether it's his solo or collaborative efforts, Rebolledo has always been a maverick presence in underground dance culture.

Fuerza Dread

Fuerza Dread.jpeg

Fuerza Dread was born in 2006, as a project with the aim to create and experiment with Reggae basis, considering mergers with Rock, Funk, and Jazz.  This band from Costa Rica has shared stages with the biggest artists of Reggae Roots genre such as - Gondwana (Chile), Nonpalidece, Los Cafres (Argentina), Albarosie (Italy), and others. As well it has participated in International Festivals like - Envision Festival, Festival Internacional de las Artes, Festival Música Claro, between others. It has also been invited to participate in countries like Nicaragua and Mexico.