International DJ and Producer, Piero Pirupa has been on a huge succession which stretches much further than his home in Italy, and he is a figure respected worldwide in dance music. He doesn’t stick to a formula in his music, creating his own signature sound and has been on a roll with releases over the last few months. Such as VIVa, Glasgow Underground, Armada SBJKY, Crosstown Rebels and more. He just completed his US tour and now is on his European tour. Piero Pirupa shows no sign of slowing down, next month he will return to North and South America and for Miami Music Week to perform at GET LOST. Electric Vibes had the opportunity to interview the Italian DJ and Producer, Piero Pirupa and discussed upcoming music and goals for 2019.



What was your greatest accomplishment in 2018? 

“It was a beautiful year, full of concerts and new releases; personally, it was fantastic to remix a track off Claptone's album, I am a great supporter of him and in recent years he has dominated the house scene.”

 You recently released ‘Our Sound’ EP on elrow, plus Danny Howard played it three times on his BBC Radio 1 show, what inspired you to create this EP? 

“This is a collaboration with my brother Leon. I have already collaborated with him in the past for a release on Saved and after some time we decided to do something new, so we studied an EP for elrow. We are just inspired by the elrow party and the big parties that they take around the world. It was not easy to put ideas together and produce them in the studio – it took time but, in the end, we had an excellent result.”

 When traveling and exploring new destinations is that where you get inspiration for new music? 

“Yes exactly! journeys give me so much inspiration, then I am a very curious person who likes to travel, discover new things, learn new cultures and treasure them for productions.”


What are some of your favorite countries that you performed in? 

“Wherever I play there is a different audience, but I perceive the warmth of people everywhere, perhaps the South American crowd is the most passionate and fiery!”


Who are some artists you look up to? 

“There are several that are now pleasing me and that really are smashing everything, like Rebuke, Cassimm, Marc Ross, Monoky, Malandra Jr, Eskuche and Kinnerman to name a few. Great music from these guys, for real!”


You also released more tracks on labels such as VIVa, Glasgow Underground, Armada SBJKT, Crosstown Rebels and more, plus you are going on tour, what can the US crowd expect when performing in their cities? 

“They must wait for hot grooves, big bass-lines and cool vocals that will make them dance all night long. I love American crowds, they always have fun and enjoy at the clubs/festival… They know how to party and I’m always ready to make them dance!”


What’s on the horizon for Piero Pirupa? 

“Got some releases coming in the next months. An EP on Solotoko, Sonny Fodera’s label, 2 tech house cuts coming the end of February. March I’m back on Crosstown Rebels/Rebellion in collaboration with Alex Kennon, also here 2 great house / deep tech cuts.”


What are your goals for 2019?

“The goals are the same every year, making great music and playing unforgettable gigs around the world.”