Bryan Fein also known as Mafia B born and raised in the greatest city in the world. Where is no stranger to the House Music scene, spending his early youth immersed in the New York City culture. Over the years he watched the scene change over the course and decided to take action to create is own style of sound in House Music. Mafia B has released multiple tracks and EPs, including his newest EP entitled Level II which is out now. Electric Vibes had the privilege and opportunity to interview the talented NY based artist.

Mafia B has performed at notorious nightclubs including Marquee, Cielo, Output, Analog BKNY, Highline Ballroom, Sankey’s and more.

“I live in a city where clubs are popping up in the scene all the time and I’m grateful to experience most of them as each individual club brings something different to the table. My favorite night club was Output in Williamsburg, but unfortunately, they just closed down which sadden most of the club goers that were apart of the underground scene. Currently, Brooklyn Mirage holds the crown for New York’s best venue and it’s now one of my favorite spots.”

His most memorable performance at a nightclub is not at a major club but in a more intimate setting.

“I’ve performed at notable venues such as Output, Marquee, Analog Brooklyn, Cielo which are large venue spaces but to be honest I really do enjoy performing at smaller venues which allows me to test out my records and to get proper feedback. I organize my own underground events with my buddy, Dylan Farrugia, in a more intimate setting and each of those nights are memorable for me.”

Within a month into the New Year, Mafia B has many goals set in motion for 2019.

Can’t believe we’re in 2019 already. Time flies huh, haha! My plan is to continue to create great music and contribute to the underground scene.”

Many artists have someone to look up to or someone that inspires an artist to be more creative.

“My knight in shining armor is Eric Prydz. His production is just out of the world and I look up to him as an artist. His track Power Drive blows my mind still.” Mafia B continues about collaborating with the heavyweight DJ/producer. “I wish to collaborate with Eric Prydz just to learn from him and not just to make a track just for the sake of it.”

Mafia B was brought up on all realms of music. Besides from being an avid House and Techno producer he is also an avid Classic Rock fan.

“I’m an avid Classic Rock fan. I used to listen to the Beatles, YES, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, you name it. I used to listen to the entire Rolling Stones album right before i went to bed when I was 13 years old. I completely blame my dad for all of this as he used to take me Classic Rock concerts all the time.”

Over the course, artists and fans have witnessed music evolve and change for good and bad.

“The scene is forever evolving and I think it’s healthy that it is. Around 2010 - 2013 NYC, if not most of the world, was all about EDM which created a bubble that popped which lead to people experimenting with other genres, which is awesome! I can’t say what is going to be “in” within 5 years but at the moment it seems that underground music is on the up-rise in America.”

Mafia B started off the New Year strong and promptly by releasing his new EP entitled ‘Level II’ which showcases his craft of his style of sound. How he came about to create this masterpiece was simple.

I can’t really put my finger on what inspired me to create these records as each of them were produced in different years from each other. I had these records in the vault for sometime now and how the underground scene is growing I believe now is the best time to release them publicly.

Besides from the Level II EP, Mafia B is working on new music that is set to be released later this year.

“Yes! I have ton of new records that I’m currently working on at the moment. I hope to share them with the world this year.”

The future is looking bright for Mafia B, he continues to make records as well new projects. Mafia B strides to bring more music to the community and connect. Mafia B is set out to deliver his mixture of dark and deep textured sounds internationally.

“As I keep my head down and continue to produce records, I can only hope that it can lead to more opportunities and become a major contributor in the underground scene.”

Mafia B’s Levels II EP is out now and available to purchase and stream online, be sure to stay connected to stay on top for all exciting news. The Levels II EP is a three-track masterpiece with the deepest sounds that will hit your soul full-force.