Envision is half yoga retreat, half permaculture conference, wrapped in a world class music festival. It also points to a deep-seeded mission to be a positive impact on the local community, through a shared tradition of upholding the finest sounds in Latin America alongside legendary international artists of bass, house and techno. The four-day extravaganza will be take place in the beautiful village of Uvita on February 28th - March 3rd, 2019 in a breathtaking ocean adjacent jungle in paradise.

Envision Festival is more than just music and arts, its a community that was built from local artists and culture. It’s nothing but paradise and good vibes at Envision Festival, in a setting with green luscious jungles and crystal clear blue water surrounding the community of Envision.

The 2019 lineup is packed with elite artists from all realms of dance music. With each stage carefully created and each artist carefully selected for its natural stage, it’s more of a reason why Envision Festival should be on your winter’s festival ballot. We had the opportunity to interview Latin American Music Curator Luigi Jimenez. This year’s Envision Festival lineup has the top international talent as well as local legends. Luigi Jimenez talks about the top Latin American acts as well as other acts on the ballot and what goes into creating an authentic representation of the local culture and why Latin Americans flock to experience the educational Eco-tourism at Envision Festival.

What's a special moment from Envision Festival?

“I mean for me it's going to Envision and see the stages. Every year the stage is different and the stadium, you know, what we are doing at Envision. I go to Envision every year, see the stages, see how they are function at night, the quality of the sounds, and the artists and, yeah, they'll give you a perspective of what are we creating in Costa Rica, what kind of experience we are bringing into a country like that and involve with all that nature and the ocean and the sun rays and the sunsets. We have nine years doing this in Costa Rica and every year is like breathless. It's a compliment of all I would say. It's difficult to say that it's just one. The complement of all the production and the place you are and the nature and the people, and its surroundings. “

Did you meet any special people, was there anybody that like stood out that you met there, any like friendships?

“Yeah, basically it's like ... there is a lot of things. There has been people that arrive there that comes to the jungle and experience what to do when you’re in Costa Rica, to be in that country that we have more than 50 years without an army. That's something, I will say, that is pretty unique. There is a lot of interesting people and there is a lot of people that, you know, that we meet that is doing really amazing stuff in everywhere. It's really a gathering ... I mean, it's a national gathering because tons of people from United States, from South America, from Mexico, from Australia, from Asia, and so you can connect with some great people.”

It's almost like a worldly event. A lot of people say it's not just a music festival, it's like a community and a culture, like everything combined.

“Exactly. It's a cultural thing because you are living with a lot of different cultures there, people from all over the world with traditions, and having this happening in Costa Rica, it is a small country, like I told you, with no army. The place that you are, they have the sea there, next to you.

Reminding that they have in Costa Rica, the sea, it is just next to you, a really nice temperature so you can just jump in the water and it's so relaxing and it's like the perfect temperature. It's like wait, where am I?”

You called Envision Festival home basically, right?

“Envision Festival is home, yeah totally. It's home and I've been there since the beginning. I love the place ... it's a great place, it's a really nice life to be there.”

Photo credit: Eric Allen

Photo credit: Eric Allen

For people who've never been to Envision Festival, what should they expect?

“I hope they expect nothing. At least that experience. I mean, if you are coming from another country, from United States, going to a country like Costa Rica, indeed just that is an experience. If you can leave that, plus going to a festival with your favorite music, heartbeat, and all that burning vibe, and be there in the middle of the jungle eating the most delicious foods, and that really nice weather, then go for it. Don't expect anything, just a place like that.”

You said you've been going every year. Can you recall like a favorite year?

“My favorite year?”


“It's tough to say. I've been involved in all the production, for example, I book the talent for the festival, that's why I know it so well. I don't know, maybe the first year I will say. That was smaller, we only had about 700 people. That was like the first time that I saw all the potential of what was going on here with Envision. That first year for me was maybe like the first time I go to Burning Man. It really is that, it's like whoa, what is going on here? It's like you are living. You are living an experience for the first time, and I will say that is really amazing because it's the time when you are not expecting anything. That expression of it now, wow, what just happened here.”

That happened to me in the first year for sure. I don't say it happened to me for every year. I think every year is different and every year is special and it has grown so much since the first one to the last one that ... Also, the last one was amazing. I told you at the beginning, how the stages are built all with nature material and all the of the artists. It has become really, really special to people. Not just for us, also for Costa Rica. The festival more establishes Costa Rica, Envision Festival. To me, it's a lot of amazing people.”

How can you describe Envision Festival in your own words? From your experience?

“From my experience I would say that Envision Festival is a gathering in paradise with people who is in the search of something more than the usual, maybe trying to go and give a step forward. And all that can, I would say that with eating healthy and enjoying what life has given to us.”

What artists do you recommend to see at Envision Festival?

“I can add to this conversation that what you can expect from the Latin American artists. We have bands from Colombia, we have artists from Ecuador, Argentina, Mexico, and Costa Rica. So we are really trying to reach every Latin American place and to bring that also into the festival and then the experience, I told you that there will be also something cultural. For example like La Chiva Gantiva the new band from Colombia, that they really play kind of in folklore music with rock, so it's like traditional music from Colombia that you can take with you like how they are using the drums or how they are using the Latin sounds. Also, like Nicola Cruz, I don't know if you know Nicola Cruz, that is a DJ that is mixing all the music in house. He's a really good producer. Yeah, he's from Ecuador, so it's like that. It's like you're not just going there to listen you're also receiving a lot of music that is amazing from really good artists that can give you something more.

This cultural part and that's something that we have been working on every year with Envision. A lot of Latin and the Costa Rican artists, like reggae, like Force of Red, Killer DJ, they are from Costa Rica and they play really good.”

Envision Festival is more than a music event it’s a cultural experience surrounded by the luscious jungles and breathtaking beaches only to be sound-tracked by the best of Latin and dance music has to offer. Envision Festival will take place on February 28th - March 3rd, grab your tickets and escape the cold weather.