Parisian artist POPOF is one of the most widely recognized names within the world of Techno and House music. One of the most downloaded artists in his category, POPOF is in very high demand for his remixes and has worked for famous artists such as Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Moby, BookaShade, Vitalic, Tiga, Maetrik, Martin Solveig and much more. After a successful year, POPOF discussed in his interview with Electric Vibes his accomplishments, goals, and upcoming releases for 2019.


What was your greatest accomplishment in 2018?

“It’s very hard to pick one … I’d say my label Form Music’s showcase at BPM Portugal Festival, because it was insanely successful, to the extent the venue was so packed the people outside started partying in the street and the police had to intervene, hehehe. Also, I’m very proud of the fact I played last year in Colombia for the very first time. After all those years, I hadn’t had the opportunity, it was a moving moment for me to finally play in front of my Colombian fans. Lastly, I was really happy to perform worldwide for Resistance/Ultra Music festival: Miami, Beijing, Singapore, Mexico, and so on.”

Kicking off the new year with his ‘Kronic’ EP, POPOF delivers a bouncy tech house groovier with plenty of energy to take you straight to the dancefloor. POPOF’s ‘Kronic’ EP follows on from a prolific 2018, which saw him release music on the likes of Nicole Moudaber’s MOOD, Pig&Dan’s Elevate, Adam Beyer’s Truesoul and Stefano Noferini’s Deeperfect. The esteemed Manchester-based imprint, the two-track ‘Kronic’ EP is out now and yet another masterclass in immersive, energetic soundscapes from an expert producer at the very top of his game.

What were some of your inspirations behind this EP?

“As always when I work on new music, my immediate surroundings, my mood of the moment, the weather, the news on TV, etc. play a direct role in influencing my work. ‘Kronic’ is a sort of snapshot of my state of mind at the time.”

When traveling and exploring new destinations is that where you get inspiration for new music?

“Among other things, but yes, absolutely, new destinations definitely inspire me!”


What are some of your favorite countries that you performed in?

“My home country, France, obviously, and any country in South America because I have such a crazy, incredible fan-base over there, especially in Argentina and Mexico.”


Who are some artists you look up to?

“There’s a lot of them, and not all of them are electronic music artists, so I’ll spare you an endless list of names, but Marvin Gaye is in it”

At the end of the month you will be releasing a vinyl-only EP on your FORM Music imprint called Reformers Vol.2, can you elaborate more about this project?

“I’m genuinely very excited about this one, because it’s an exclusive compilation of all the tracks released on Form Music that rocked us in 2018. So there’s a track of mine, ‘Bowo’ , from eponymous EP, Slovenian titan UMEK’s ‘Quest Chain’, Set About co-founder Metodi Hristov with his dark, hard-hitting remix of Apollo 84’s ‘Mantis’, and rising French compatriot The Reactivitz, with the unrelenting ‘Seth’, off eponymous EP.”

Preorder ‘Reformers Vol.2

What’s on the horizon for Popof?

“More releases! I have a new EP, “Kronic” out now on Kaluki, and another one coming soon on Paco Osuna’s label ‘Mindshake’. I’m also working on new material... I can’t tell you more for now. There will be many new Form Music releases and showcases as well, we’ve got three events coming up soon in France and England, and more will be announced throughout the year.”

What are your goals for 2019?

“To keep making good music, to continue discovering new horizons, and to take Form Music one step ahead!

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