It’s been a few days and everyone is still buzzing about the New York debut of Afterlife at the open-air haven The Brooklyn Mirage for its best event of the season. Besides the impeccable lineup that was truly mind-blowing was the breathtaking visual productions. Included and visual wall with hypnotic pictures that would suck a person into a hole just by staring at it. Between the music, production, location, the people, and vibes it was truly a magical night and was honestly the best party of this year’s season.

Even though the weather was mostly scattered showers and cool temperatures it did not stop Afterlife fans from attending this epic event. It enhanced everything to the max. The Brooklyn Mirage was divided into three rooms the Brooklyn Mirage, The Kings Hall, and The Great Hall where the stacked lineup performed from artists such as Brian Cid,Roland Appel, Hunter/Game, Patrice Baumel, Adriatique, Recondite (live), Robert Hood // Floorplan, Matrixxman, Amandra (live), Return, and Tale Of Us performed. Each artists giving incredible performances with their deep melodic sounds and hard driven bass-lines that moved your body to the chore. The event began in the afternoon with the weather not holding together, people were arriving with huge expectations and they were made. Brian Cid, Roland Appel, and Hunter/Game completely fired up the crowd in the beginning of the event. When it was nightfall the music and production really kicked into gear.


What made this a special edition of Afterlife was the renowned multimedia artist Quayola who created the exhibit Endless-Jardins. The stunning audio-visual soundtracked by Tale Of Us’ ambient, classical album Endless on Deutsche Grammophon, having an unmissable, day-night experience in the Realm Of Consciousness. Between the music and visual arts it was truly a wild experience. It was easy to get stuck in the exhibit room, a pitch black room with the only light was the screen leaving you in an euphoric state.

In the outdoor main area the rolling, melodic techno sounds from Patrice Bäumel was pumping through the speakers captivating everyone’s hearts and souls. As the symbol for Afterlife hangs above the crowd illuminating in the dark sky, performer Patrice Bäumel comments “The Brooklyn Mirage fits Afterlife like a  glove”. The place that techno lovers call home certainly did fit Afterlife perfectly how the speakers cradled every rhythm and rocking your body to the chore with massive bass percussions.


While in The Kings Hall, Return was at the decks giving a riveting performance. Emotive grooves from Adriatique were being played in the main area that moved everyone with an emotional set, with tracks Voices From The Dawn, Grinding Rhythm, and Ray. The weather was getting colder and raining more it was time to shelter in The Kings Hall to see minimal techno pioneer Robert Hood for a dark and mesmerizing set, showing the true meaning of what dark techno is all about. It was one of the best sets of the night with his pounding techno beats and hearting-raising thumps. There was an hour set live set wizardry from Recondite that would devastating if missed. Playing iconic tracks like Rufus, Step Back and Rainmaker.

It was time for duo Tale Of Us to perform for a three hour powerful set. The rain was coming down but it did not stop anyone from leaving. The music was prevailing with their moving set, between the lights and the production of Afterlife plus the weather it was a magical sight to see with everyone on stage with umbrellas covering the decks but still able to see the duo perform. The rain was coming down steadily and the lights shining on the crowd, looking up at the dark sky it looked like crystals were falling from the sky. The crowd was cheering to every track that was being played, the vibes were incredible throughout the entire night. Tale Of Us took everyone through a vibrant musical journey with tracks such as  ELAX - Reaktor, and closing with their Nova, Fade Into You, and Nothing Around Us.

After a sold out show, Afterlife was truly the most iconic event at The Brooklyn Mirage. Ending its final dates of the summer season in Ibiza, Afterlife will then travel to ADE for its 24-hour event. “An odyssey through the realm of consciousness” - Afterlife.