Those fortunate souls who witnessed Cash Cash at Electric Zoo this year were in for a treat when they brought out Moroccan singer ABIR showcasing their hit collaboration “Finest Hour”. With over 2.3 Million streams per week and hitting #1 on iTunes Dance & #22 on iTunes US overall, their collaboration is hitting radio markets from coast to coast. She’s certainly leaving her mark in the industry.

What song inspired you to become a vocalist? The powerful type you'd catch most people singing in their shower.

At Last - Etta James

You're giving fans a surprise today at Electric Zoo with a live performance of 'Finest Hour' during Cash Cash's set, how did the collaboration come about?

I was a huge fan of Cash Cash's work and collaborations so when they hit me to get in the studio it was a no brainer!

What's the creative process like when creating such a track? When approached to be a vocalist are the tracks in a final stage of development or do the vocals benefit most from being developed in tandem?

In this case, I actually had the song written already so when we linked up it was a matter of fine tuning the production and making it perfect.

Which track are you most proud of & would recommend to new fans?

Playground! It was so fun making that record and it's pretty much a combination of all the types of music I adore in one song.

What do you have planned for us coming up??

I have a new single coming out in September and an EP coming out in October! Super excited to get it out there!

8.What's some of your most memorable milestones in your music career thus far?

Hearing Finest Hour on the radio was preeeettttty fucking epic.

What would be a dream collaboration for you?

Frank Ocean!

Named one of Billboard’s “most exciting new voices” and Apple Music’s “favorite new artist,” the 23-year-old vocalist writes with an honest pen, always paying homage to her culture and lifestyle. ABIR’s soulful pop tone derives from her childhood years spent listening to Jazz and R&B in the back of her father’s car, who owned a limousine company and played the same four CD’s on repeat for his clients; Etta James, Sarah Vaughn, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. ABIR has been direct support for Alessia Cara, The-Dream, Bob Moses, Amine and more. She has had a notable brand partnership with Clinique, been part of a Beats By Dre campaign, and has played shows at NYFW with Fendi and Made. “The goal with my music,” ABIR says, “is to inspire and encourage young people like myself to find their voice and embrace their identity.