Alexander has infused live brass into the trap world racking up millions of streams with productions like Troyboi's Flamez and Mr Carmack's Pay For What. In the past year or so, he's gone in more of a trap/rap direction. Check out this EP he dropped in June, the OMNI EP, featuring MadeinTYO, S'natra, Brasstracks among others. He also has records dropping later this year featuring Young Thug, Chief Keef, J.I.D., Earthgang among others.

What was your first taste of dance culture that got you hooked & when did you want to take a step further and join the industry?

Zedd's album "Clarity", Skrillex's "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" made me aware of the dance culture. But what made me want to really produce was a combination of Arlene's Grocery Thursday night hiphop session on the lower east side AND Team Supreme beat cyphers.

What's the track that inspired you to pick up a Trombone?

Spirit of the Horn : Slide Hampton and the world of Trombones "Cherokee" 

How beneficial do you believe learning an instrument can be for aspiring artists? Which would you recommend as having the smallest learning curve?

I think it's beneficial but not necessary. It does make you more valuable in a studio session because you can bring something unique that someone may not be able to. Learning an instrument also challenges your brain in different ways; there are a lot of lessons you can learn from practicing an instrument, such as discipline, patience etc

Who would you count as your contemporaries in bringing live brass to the electronic masses?

Brasstracks...I really can't think of any others that are really doing what we're doing with brass right now. Open to listening suggestions tho!


You grew up in California and studied Jazz in New York City. Having so much diverse hip-hop around on both coasts, which artists resonated with you the most that helps influence your trap productions?
Your EP OMNI has been a huge hit, what would you say sets it apart from the rest?

The diversity and mastery of the genres of music within the EP. I think it tailors to a wider audience because there is something for everyone. You go from a trap trombone banger to a hiphop record to a feel good house bounce and yet everything seems to flow and tie in nicely together.

What would be a dream collaboration for you?

Off top - Danny Brown, Valee, Casanova, SZA, Jay Rock, Dr Dre 

How was your first Coachella performance? How do you decompress on your downtime between events?

It was amazing! I don't really need a whole lot of time to decompress from sets anymore

You've toured worldwide and played many events. Which venue do you believe really enhanced your sound best or is there a venue you haven't played in but that you're dying to perform in because of it's unique acoustic performance?

I would love to play my own set at Red Rocks. 

Being so heavy into the production side of things, is it hard to let's say enjoy music without thinking about the direction the producers were taking in the track? Or has it enhanced your appreciation for what it takes to create it?

It's definitely enhanced my appreciation because I know how many steps there are into making a final product, but it's also made my ears a lot more picky as to what I can tolerate listening to.

What's some of your most memorable milestones in your music career thus far?

Brownies and Lemonade - performing "Pay for What" for the very first time. The energy in the room was like nothing I've experienced before.


Touring EU for the first time

Touring AUS for the first time

Releasing Omni EP + first sold out headline show in LA

Which track are you most proud of & would recommend to new fans? 

I'm proud of everything! But I would say that the new music I'm working on I'm most proud of and I can't wait to share it with everyone

Any artists we should keep our eye on?

Kemba, S'natra, William $

What do you have planned for us in the coming months & for 2019?

Lots of music! Singles  and remixes for a bit

Two different concepts for EP's 

A couple tours, should be an exciting year!