The Los Angeles Happy Hardcore scene has been quiet for quite some time, but now thanks to Cheeseburger and DJ Lostboy the resurrection of LA Happy Hardcore is here. Together they have 40 years of pushing Happy Hardcore in Southern California. Resurrection is going to lay down the foundation for LA Happy Hardcore and is going to be LA's Premiere HHC monthly, check out their next event here.

How/when did you first find the Happy Hardcore scene?

Lostboy: I was introduced to dance music in HS, and in 96’ I got a Ron D Core tape and got into hardcore in general. I then started buying trance hardcore and happy hardcore vinyl learning to DJ. Then in 97’ at a massive called “Landing” I saw HHC on a proper system and that’s when I became hooked.  

Cheeseburger: I fell in love with HHC by fate. I was in a punk band and one of my band mates purchased an album “Happy 2b Hardcore: Chapter 2” thinking it was hardcore punk music, it wasn’t so he gave me the CD and I never looked back.

How did you meet each other?


Cheeseburger: So Lostboy was a popular HHC DJ that I was a huge fan of here in LA, I decided to throw my first event, an underground desert rave as a friend’s wedding reception. Well this being my first event I wasn’t able to book Lostboy but I gave him a flier and said “hey this is my first event come check it out because I would like to book you in the future.” Day of the event he shows up, tells me he has his records with him and if I had an open slot he would love to play. After that night I ended up promoting for him and we became instant friends and business partners.

What inspires you?

Lostboy: The energy of the crowd and the dedication of the ravers. You can tell when someone new shows up to an HHC event you can tell if they are going to be around for a year of 2 and when they are going to be a lifer.

Cheeseburger: The music, the vibe, the ravers I love it all. I especially love that special few perfect moments you get at some events where everything in the world just stops and its only you, your friends and the music that matters.

What makes Happy Hardcore different than other types of EDM?

Lostboy: It’s a mix of all different types of EDM. It has its own sound at the same time incorporating a little bit of everything, it is something no other genre does. It’s gone through phases drum & bass and breakbeat stuff back in the 90s and has progressed now with dubstep, hardstyle and trap becoming part of the music but happy hardcore still maintaining its own identity. 

Cheeseburger: ALL of what he said, but also it's special, it can be the happiest and saddest music all at once. I know it’s not just me but HHC has opened up the world to me, it has given me lifelong friend ships all across the globe, a giant family across all borders.

What does your creative process look like (DJ LostBoy)?


Lostboy: My creative process is shorter than I would like it to be, because the fact that I don’t have a lot of extra time. So, I try to go and get new music or I am sent new music as often as possible. I try and play very up-front music. This goes back to when I would get records on Thursdays and have to play a show on Friday and I wouldn’t know the record at all, I still kind of do that, just play on the fly. When it comes to studio work, it’s weird, some of the best tracks I have ever done were done in a day.

What makes the LA scene so great and different than others?

Lostboy: The LA ravers that have been around for a long time are seriously hardcore ravers, they are dedicated to their scene for sure. I haven’t traveled to many cities around the country, but I have been to a few Seattle, Phoenix, and San Francisco they have dedicated ravers that have been around but LA has kids that will push through 2 map points and follow a sound system to another venue if one gets shut down. 

Cheeseburger: LA is different than a lot of other scenes because we have Insomniac Events always bringing in a huge influx of new ravers. They may start by going to EDC but eventually a few find their way to HHC, as long as it’s being pushed it allows the scene to have potential for huge growth.

Who is your favorite Happy Hardcore DJ?

Lostboy: Its changed a lot in the past 20 years, when I was DJ’ing every weekend and writing music all the time it was Scott Brown and Brisk were probably my 2 favorites, I couldn’t split the pair and pick one or the other. Honestly now days I have to say Flapjack, man that kid is so talented he kills it every time I see him.

Cheeseburger: So, in the early 2000s I’m not gonna lie Lostboy was my favorite now he is one of my best friends and still an amazing DJ to watch perform. Now days to narrow it down to just one is HARD, there are so many amazing DJs here in the US and abroad. 

What are you most excited for with resurrection?

Lostboy: I am excited to see hardcore rooms again, just people bouncing off the walls going ape shit all night, instead of just standing staring at the DJ. At this first event it was awesome seeing the whole room just jumping all night and that seems to be what has been going on with hardcore lately. I am really hoping that we can build it back up, where it’s not just 60 people in a night it is a few hundred like it used to be.

Cheeseburger: I am excited for the future of HHC in Southern California, I think if we keep Resurrection going consistently each month we can build a sustainable scene that is not reliant on huge international acts. Hopefully see more HHC at Insomniac festivals.

What can fans expect next?

Lostboy: With resurrection you can expect a quality event every time we don’t cut corners, no BS, no cheating the DJs and we make sure to keep everyone as safe as possible. Also, we are not going to book people just to book them, we book DJs that deserve to be there, paved the way or are up incomers who are pushing themselves and the music

Cheeseburger: The fans can expect a fun event every month to come to and hear HHC.


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For address call the Info Line 424-224-9247 night of the event.