Look out because the next big thing is already here and you probably didn’t even know it. Born and raised in a small town in Chicago, Jamie Sitter also known as J. Worra has always been drawn to different styles of music. Even though she now lives in LA, you can still hear the sounds of her roots in all of the production. That’s what happened last weekend at Elements-NYC Festival as J. Worra destroyed the FIRE stage with her lit set.

“Elements was such a cool festival, I had no idea what to expect because this was my first time playing for the BangOn! NYC crew. My favorite part was the crowd and the energy they brought. It is pretty special when you are playing for a bunch of true music lovers. The stage set up was really cool too, there was some kind of crazy fire cannon thing, at one point I thought I caught on fire because it was so hot when it went off.”
Photo Credit: Nachturnal Images

Photo Credit: Nachturnal Images

J. Worra has been in the scene for a couple of years but already made huge milestones by releasing huge bangers and performing at some of the biggest festivals in dance music.

“The recognition still feels surreal and while I am taking note of it and appreciating it, I am staying really focused on building off of that momentum. I still have so much more I want to show everyone. My mindset with music has always been on longevity and consistency, I want to be able to continuously grow and level up as an artist. I want fans to be able to follow me on that path. It is pretty cool because I have supporters who have watched me since day 1 when I was just a scrappy Chicago kid trying to make something happen, and they have been with me through all the ups and downs.. that stuff is special to me because it is raw and real.”

Your banger - Modern Medicine with Dances With White Girls, how was it working with a talented vocalist?

“Dances is a very unique artist.. most know him for his vocals but he is actually a really awesome DJ and producer. Working with someone who is so multi-faceted is always special. We also were able to shoot a trippy music video with WAV to go along with that track. I am toying around with the idea of doing a remix package
for it too.. stay tuned!”

Not only is J. Worra one of the fastest underground artists in the scene and the new Dirtybird member, she also created her own label - ARROW. What was the inspiration behind this genius idea?

ARROW was born out of my need for an outlet for my music. I never really aspired to own and run a label but I hit a point last year where I felt like I wasn't being true to myself when I was making music. I was writing music for other labels and tailoring it to tracks they were signing instead of writing what I felt and what came naturally. There is nothing wrong with writing for a specific label but the hard part for me was when the tracks were being signed, I felt like I was failing, felt like maybe I didn't have a place in this industry. Having ARROW has been a breath of fresh air for me, it has made me feel like I can be my own artist no matter what, that feeling is truly priceless.”

Your most recent track Hourglass with Mark the Beast, was released on ARROW, what inspired this collaboration?

“I am always digging around for vocalists to work with and I actually came across Mark on Soundcloud! He is a music producer from NYC and although his voice is incredible, laying down vocals has never been his lane. I happened to find the only track he had ever sung on. Long story short, we met up in LA and talked ideas, I sent him the instrumental and he went to town. This track has a fast turnaround and once it was done I wanted to get it out there. Mark is another one of those all around artists, he is a writer, producer, DJ, vocalist, the list goes on. It was great to work with him and he became a friend through the process.”

Launching her own label and making music like a boss and joining the Dirtybird crew, is there anything she can’t do? Well, she also launched her own clothing line with Strata.

“Yes! I launched my 'Repeat After Me' clothing line this year in partnership with Strata, who does a ton of custom merch for artists and festivals. The aim here was to create something that was more than typical merch. For now, I have all unisex pieces- a denim jacket, black denim vest, and t-shirt, and while I am focused on those, I have had many discussions with Strata about other ideas. The possibilities are endless with this line and I hope to be able to expand it over time.”

J. Worra released tracks with Vocalists such as Dances With White Girls and Mark the Beast. Some of her biggest influences are Green Velvet, Gene Farris, Chris Lake, and Billy Kenny. It’s no surprise that her dream collaboration is “Green Velvet or Chris Lake”.

Her main goal when J.Worra performs at a festival or event for the first time is:  

“I would really like to have more meet and greets with supporters and fans, carve out time before or after to be able to say hello and interact with the people who truly make this all possible for me.”

What’s something you would like to do more when performing at festivals?

“My main goal with any festival or show I play is to help people create positive and happy memories and to make it a unique experience that they can remember. Music is meant to do just that and as an artist being booked to play, that is our job! I also try to connect with as many people as I can. Whether it is going down and talking to people afterward, giving away tickets to shows, or responding to messages after a show or set. I love interacting with fans and supporters!”

J. Worra is working on new music, working on more collaborations and more projects.

“I have a collab with Brazilian artist, rrotik, who I have been a huge fan of for years. I also have a track in the works with vocalist Kaleena Zanders and producer/songwriter Venessa Michaels. The track is called, On The Run, and it is special to me because I have been doing it with 2 other badass women in music.”

What’s on the horizon for J. Worra?

“Expect a lot of new music in the next year. I have a big remix that I can't say much about (I hate even dropping that line) but I am so excited for, it is for an artist who has been a huge influence on electronic music for decades. My main goal is to continue to show everyone who I am as a producer, an artist, and who I am as a person and what has shaped me over the years.”

J. Worra is a force to be reckoned with! Already she created her own label has released music on ARROW, launched a clothing and now a member of Dirtybird. When asked about how she wants to impact the music industry she said, "I want to change the tone, I want to show what women are capable of, and what hard work and being true looks like, and above all I want to impact people's lives in a positive way."