Just coming off hot and heavy from his killer set - Sacha Robotti performing at BangOn! ElementsNYC Festival. The talented artist broke boundaries and pushed limits by shaping house music into what it is today. Set by the East River both outdoor and indoor day event, set in a huge warehouse. Just arriving to perform at ElementsNYC and bringing some funky vibes to the Bronx. Saha Robotti’s time during ElementsNYC was short but “GREAT, because I just came from Moonrise so we’ve been here for an hour and a half (laughing), so we just came in and I played. My set was fun, it was great, and this warehouse is gigantic it’s crazy!

Sacha Robotti at Elements NYC

Sacha Robotti at Elements NYC

Besides from ElementsNYC, Sacha traveled throughout the country performing at numerous festivals and events. The summer isn’t over yet, “NO! It’s NOt!” he says and continues on by saying “I have to look at my calendar, I was planning on doing Burning Man now it's 50/50 I don’t know if I’m going to do that I’ll see but I can’t always do it. In September I’m playing in Houston, club gigs, and Goldrush in Arizona, and then it’s fall already. Just been chilling, playing, making music at home.”

Sacha Robotti collaborated with multiple artists from Dirtybird to Desert Hearts but one of his favorite musical collaborations “probably would have to say stuff with Kevin Knapp because I love the guy and I mean I’ve done a lot of collaborations actually, all collaborations I’ve done I liked them and they are all my favorites I should kinda say because they’re all happening, I’ve done all of them with my friends. Jeff The Jacker, Kill Frenzy, a little while ago Claude VonStroke, Justin Jay is playing right now we just made a track together and YEAH! I like to collaborate.”


Sacha Robotti recently released Justin Tinderlake EP and has been praised by friends, fans, and other artists in the underground house scene, it’s been a huge success. “I have a track coming out on DIRTYBIRD for the Campout Compilation the track I made with Kevin Knapp he’s a really good friend of mine, and I’m very happy about that track, I played it tonight I’ve been playing it all the time. Its dope, I’m really happy with it. That’s what I got coming up, I just built a studio with my friend. I have space again to make music in and I’m happy about that, so far so good.”

Can you recall a crazy moment during a festival or while you were performing?

“I’ve been touring for a long time, I had a partner Cord and we were called RoboSonic we toured quite a lot. In Australia 10 minutes before I was supposed to be on stage, we were driving on a freeway to I don’t even know where it was, it was me and my partner and the driver was in the car and we were talking about Kangaroos, I asked what happens when a Kangaroo is in the middle of the road? (in an Australian accent) I just go mate, and that moment a Kangaroo jumps out and we hit it by accident the airbags went off and we killed, RIP Kangaroo I’m sorry! That was 10 minutes before I was supposed to perform. We drove with our heads out the window because the windshield was broken. That’s something that will stick with you. Traveling creates a lot of funny moments.”

A few inspirational words from the sloth...

“Believe in yourself everyone! It’s going to be fine. Peace and Love!! Be kind to one another.”

Acid sloth man - Sacha Robotti the genius behind multiple incredible tracks and EPs including his most recent Justin Tinderlake. Besides from being widely talented and successful, he is also a true and humble person. It was such a pleasure interviewing Sacha Robotti. Catch the sloth at one of the festivals he will be performing at later this year including Dirtybird Campout.

“I’m a sloth every day!”