It was Memorial Day Weekend, in Techno City, Detroit for Movement. It was just after witnessing another hypnotic set from one of the world’s most talented and popular artist - John Digweed. The Bedrock Records boss has reached the twentieth anniversary and curated the perfect anniversary complication in celebration. 

BED XX VIN 5.jpg

To celebrate this milestone release, Bedrock has made a limited number of beautiful 5x  Vinyl and 4x CD Deluxe box sets, specially created by London based design house,  Malone Design. Remarkably, this is also the first time Bedrock has released a vinyl box set in its twenty-year history. PRE-ORDER HERE

“We  wanted  to create  something truly collectible for this  album, and Malone Design  have really put together the  ultra Bedrock Anniversary Box Set,  and a first for us as a label” – John  Digweed

Bedrock XX will be released on June 22nd, featuring a slew of elite DJs handpicked by the legend himself. The 21-track complication features exclusive tracks all of which were custom made for the album with the world’s finest cutting-edge producers from the global House and Techno scene. Speaking  about the project and its collaborators, which include the likes of Josh Wink,  Guy J, Marc  Romboy, Alan Fitzpatrick,  Robert Babicz, Pig&Dan, Paco Osuna,  Ruede Hagelstein  and  many more,  John Digweed  said:  

“This is an incredibly special project for us. The artists on the album consist of some of the most talented heavyweights in the  House and Techno scene and I am sure you are going to be blown away by the quality of the tracks on here. I hope you enjoy the album and thanks for twenty years of great Bedrock parties and music. Everyone was amazing, I reached out to Josh Wink, Paco Osuna, all these guys I said listen up - do you want to be involved and they all kind of in their own way said LOVE TO! LOVE TO and BOOM! It was done so quickly, and suddenly I had 20 guys, but it’s 21 tracks. I’m really proud of it.”  

What would be your favorite track? “That’s a difficult question, but I would say Josh Wink’s track off of it, it’s called BPM it's just absolutely beautiful, it's just beautiful - hairs on the back of your neck stand up!” Expressing it with extreme passion and excitement. With complete satisfaction, he continued about exclusively releasing a track leading up to its anticipating release date. The first exclusive release from Bedrock XX is called Organia with Nic Muir.

Sasha & Digweed is the ultimate duo that joins two legends the House and Techno scene united as one unique sound. What lead you to reconnect with Sasha for SASHA + DIGWEED?  

“We were both in Tokyo, we haven’t played together in 7 years and I knew he was going to be out there and I reached out to him over lunch. We didn’t announce it, it was very low-key and it went well and then everyone loved it and wanted more. It was very easy and simple it was fun.” 
John Digweed at Movement 2018.jpg

Movement Detroit is the place where artists can showcase true craft of their career and passion what techno and house music are made of up. What is your favorite thing about Movement Detroit? 

“All about the history, and all around the world they are leading techno festivals and Movement Detroit is the leading festival for America and how everyone comes together, its just an amazing feeling all around, the vibes, the festival is amazing. It’s a great actual city and the history of the city and where a lot of legends were from Detroit. It’s a great city as an artist.”

Anything else in the works?

“I have a track with Simon Berry it’s called Close Your Eyes it comes out next month and then it’s just a few other bits and pieces - the record label, a whole bunch of releases in the next two months. We’re busy and digging all over the place.”

You can listen to the full track of Close Your Eyes on the newest episode of Transition Radio or support and purchase it now on via Beatport

It was exciting and privilege to have met and interviewed a legend such as John Digweed. With huge breakthroughs within the music industry for many years, paving the way for so many DJs and artists in the underground scene. These next few weeks will be long but rewarding for both John Digweed and all his devoted fans of the release of the 20th-anniversary album, Bedrock XX.

Bedrock  Records To  Release Landmark

Twentieth  Anniversary  Compilation - Bedrock  XX

Mixed  By John  Digweed

Out  June 22  on Bedrock  Records