Just weeks away to Canada’s ultimate and unique electronic music festivals on the globe. One of the biggest names on the roster for AIM Electronic Music Festival is Ørjan Nilsen who is a mastermind and creative trance legends. The Norwegian trance DJ has created huge anthems throughout the years and showing no signs of slowing down. Get to know Ørjan Nilsen a little better in this AIM Festival Artist Interview.

Ørjan Nilsen recently played at the massive trance event ASOT Sydney, where he premiered it in front of thousands.

“Premiering "Million Miles Away" at ASOT in Sydney was absolutely amazing and it came out of nowhere! What we did is that we created a poll on Instagram about which track to end with – "The Hardest Part " or "Million Miles Away", that was literally just released. Apparently, people really wanted to hear 'Million Miles Away', I was super happy about it because it was brand new! But I didn't have an extended version. So I had to chop and make an extended version out of 3 other tracks, so yeah!”

Where did you get the inspiration and lyrics for 'Million Miles Away'?

“The lyrics were written by a guy called Rico, he is also the singer of it! The initial name of the track was actually 'The Fire Within You', it refers to basically when I was in Ibiza and I realized how much I really love my job! I was sitting on the island, watching the sunrise, was just done with my set, and the general feeling of Ibiza came in for me. The melody of the guitar and everything was in my head, went back home and just did it! I'll thank Ibiza for the inspiration for that one!”

Your last album was released 5 years ago, what lead you to create your third album 'PRISM'?

“The right level of inspiration came about 2 years ago. And there were so many tracks coming out and I had so many different ideas and wanted to show people that I can be about a lot of music, not just one genre. And it seems to work with fans because it looks like people are genuinely liking the album. So it was basically an overflow and too much inspiration that led to "Prism"! And the desire to do different things!”

Where did you get the inspiration to make 'Navigator'?

“Oh, 'Navigator' came alive whilst I was just sitting in the studio just before all the summer tours and I wanted to make a really huge, festival track that would be a little bit different in both arrangement and sound. I really think I nailed it, I don't know what you guys think, but I really enjoyed playing it!”

How was it like premiering 'Navigator' for the first time in front of your fans?

“The first time I played it was actually at Tomorrowland last year and it was an absolutely fantastic experience. The vision I had about the track whilst making it came to life just in front of me with the many thousands of people there. Yeah, it was a dream come true! So it definitely did what I was hoping it would do!”

AIM Electronic Music Festival has a huge diversity in music, exploring different realms of electronic music. Ørjan Nilsen will be performing at the Trance Arena along with Egyptian duo Aly & Fila, ASOT frequenter Ben Gold, Cold Blue, stunning trance vocalist Emma Hewitt (live), French producer Ferry Tayle, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Anjunabeats own Grum, internationally acclaimed trance producer John O'Callaghan.

What are you most excited about AIM Music Festival?

“I am really excited to show you guys all of my new tracks, even a couple of them that aren't even on the album! Brand new. So that will be fun! Might be part of the next album, but who knows! I am also excited because I always have a fantastic time whilst I am over there and it’s so amazing! I think Canada, in general, has been so good to me!”

What's your favorite part about Canada?

“My favorite part of Canada is definitely the fact that everyone is SO nice! It feels a little bit like home, as Canadians do have some sort of a Norwegian mentality at times, and I think that makes me feel closer to home as well. And in general, it's a beautiful country. I just love Canada. I could see myself living there!”

Ørjan Nilsen is a man who musical vision knows no equal. By choosing his own path to success rather than the one already carved out by others, he secured himself a signature sound that’s known and loved internationally. His third body of work, "PRISM" - combing his beloved sound with new musical flourishes. [OUT NOW via BEATPORT] Showing how one man’s vision can take on many different forms. "PRISM" is a diverse thirteen-track that transcends boundaries and separates itself from the scene’s musical clutter while remaining an original work of art.


Will you be premiering new music from your new album "PRISM" at AIM Electronic Music Festival?

I am definitely premiering some new music at AIM Music Festival, both from my album and other stuff. 'Iconic' definitely comes to mind, because this is the track that started the whole "PRISM" process and its because one of those tracks that I simply don't get tired of playing. Even though that often happens when you play something over and over! From the new tracks, there are so many as well. I would take 2 tracks 'Nothing Here But Love' is definitely one of my absolute favorites in the album, as well as 'The Last Goodbye'."

'Nothing Here But Love' just got released, also from your album, what is the story behind this song?

“The story behind 'Nothing Here But Love' is that this is a joint venture between me and Mike James. I made this demo, the melody and sent it to Mike. He is a very good friend of mine, not just a colleague, so we talked about the fact that I was in a relationship. So he made 2 lyrics. One of them you will hear in the 2nd part of the album, which will come out next year. So he kind of wanted to create a response to the lyrics he'd already written for part 2. So 'Nothing Here But Love' is basically my response to the girl I was with at the time. It all fit so perfectly, it represented exactly what I was feeling and he just knew how to write it and transcript my feelings into words! So my melody, his lyrics and the overall feelings behind the whole project is what ended up being 'Nothing Here But Love!'

What is something your fans don't know about you that you would like to share?

“Haha, that's pretty tough because people know almost everything nowadays! Things like social media don't really help to keep secrets! I've said before though that I love cooking and I am pretty good at it. I am bit of a tidy boy, I like things at home to be tidy, I don't like messiness. And the cool bit is that my daughter is actually respecting that, even though she's almost a teenager now! And also I love WWE and of course, my beautiful football club Liverpool! YNWA!”

What would be your ideal dream music festival?

“The ideal music festival would be a festival where everybody comes over, find something their love and leave with good memories! And no bad ones! I think this is the direction the majority of festivals are taking these days and that is VERY good to see!.” 

AIM Electronic Music Festival is returning to Canada for its fourth installment which will take place on  July 6, 7 & 8, 2018 held on the gorgeous luscious grounds of Parc Carillon in Saint-André- d’Argenteuil, Quebec. AIMoffers a unique experience for dance music diverse listeners to rejoice and celebrate their love and passion for music. Act now in buying tickets and gather your friends for one epic weekend. 

AIM Electronic Music Festival

JULY 6, 7, 8, 2018