Australian natives Hood Rich and Stace Cadet recently have joined forces again to bring the world One Way, a tech-house track with a serious motive to get you sweaty, via Medium Rare Recordings.  The two promising beatmakers have created some serious heat with the action-packed track with both a heavy bassline and a catchy as all hell vocal line that will be sure to get stuck in your head on the bouncy dancefloor. 

This is the second time they have paired up, Hood Rich remixed Stace Cadet's Talking Bass with Airwolf last year and the result was spectacular. We spoke to Hood Rich and Stace Cadet about this track, Aussie club culture, and what the future holds.

1.One Way is nothing short of a tech house banger! Tell me about you two teaming up to create it?

Hood - Appreciate the kind words! I’ve always thought Stace’s vocals were dope, so I was in Melbourne for a show late last year and we decided to get in the studio together. 

Cadet: Many thanks! We have always wanted to get together and being on the same label it just made sense. We had a lot of fun smoking durries out the studio window collaborating on this one. 

2. This is the second time you two have collaborated. Can we expect more collaborations in the future?

Hood - first time was actually a remix i did for Stace & it went pretty well, the remix had support from some bigger artists who I really dig like Kyle Watson & Motez. Yeah, I’m sure we will do something again soon enough :) 

Cadet: Jakes remix of my record with Airwolf was an absolute belter and definitely made me want to work with him even more. Jake and I definitely have a good chemistry in the studio which isn’t always easy to find. It is highly likely we will jump back in real soon. Good vibes make for good tunes. 

3. Tell me about Aussie club culture through your eyes?

Hood - I think Australia has a lot holding it back from having a vibrant club culture like what’s happening in Europe & USA. The laws which dictate venues in our country are becoming increasingly stricter in certain parts of the country. It’s definitely a multifaceted issue but situations such as the introduction of lockout laws in 2014 for Sydney are a testament to how fragile our industry can be! 

In saying that though, there’s still some REALLY cool venues & promoters around the country, along with some brilliant emerging scenes at the moment!

There's numerous clubs and outdoor events where it’s all about the music and people are hanging on for what the DJ has to select then cheering when the song drops and really getting into it!

Cadet: Amen to that Jake. 

4. Can we expect a music video for One Way?

Hood: I’ll leave this one to Stace.

Cadet: Haha. Might be something sweaty dropping soon. (Stasi pulls winky face)

5. Who are the biggest influencers for each of you?

Hood - Two huge influences for me when I first started producing were Tipper and Justin Martin. I love how they both managed to create bass heavy music with such unique sound design and weirdness – it’s still really inspiring listening to them! 

Cadet: I can remember listening to Who’s Afraid of Detroit like a million times when I first starting making music and trying to get my head around that incredible lead sound and those creepy pitched down vocals. Claude Von Stroke will always hold a massive spot in my heart. Also, Green Velvet mainly because he is just a cool mother fucker and all round nice guy. He also is one of the most talented dance top-line-writers the good Lord has ever blessed us with. 

6. What are your favorite tracks at the moment?

Hood - Club tracks: German Brigante - The Opposite, Chris Lake - Lose My Mind, Kyle Watson - Pop Up

Non club tracks: anything by Flying Lotus, John Talabot or King Gizzard

Cadet: 1.  Noizu - LFO  2. Gorgan City - Motorola (Does Heaps) 3. Madskies - Cold Souls

7. What does 2018 hold for each of you? Will you be performing together?

Hood - I have a bunch of new music for the club coming out soon & hopefully a lot more later in the year also! I’d love to perform together, it’s definitely something we have spoke about before, see what the future holds!

Cadet: Lots of new music being readied for the ears. Working on a tour for the second half of the year at the minute. We were keen to tour One Way together but timing wasn’t our friend, so we will definitely need to make up for that. Maybe a Stace Hood and Friends tour is in order. Let’s make it happen!


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