The mighty Low Steppa, hailing from Birmingham UK, is at it again with a new classic house banger released on Armada called No Love ft. Ayak. The Defected favorite has become synonymous with bass-heavy house music in the past, but recently he has toned it back a bit and the results are still spectacular. No Love is a huge club track that will make you move effortlessly.  Ayak’s vocals are beautiful and you should be hearing them blaring a lot this summer. 

It’s been a busy time for Low Steppa. His label Simma Black has been lighting it up and put out its 100th release last year, the first installment of his new event Boiling Point was an enormous success, he’s booked for half a dozen shows in Ibiza this season, and an upcoming US tour. 

I spoke to Low Steppa about all this and more. 

-Your Boiling Point party was a hit! How has it been going for you personally? What does the future hold? And what artists would you love to add going forward?

Yes the first one was sold out so brilliant start, it was great to be able to hand pick the DJs and make sure that the music was exactly how I wanted it as that’s the most important thing! I'm looking forward to the next one but we aren’t 100% on where exactly it will be, lots of thought and planning goes into each one. 

-Simma Black is also doing really well. Any artists out there that you haven’t signed already that you’d love to get? What can we expect from Simma Black the rest of 2018?

I'd love to release something from The Black Loops, love those guys. AtJazz also as I’m a big fan of his.

-You’re becoming extremely well-known for your affiliation with Defected. How have they shaped you? What’s been your favorite event with them so far?

Yeah its special, was always a big fan since I began playing. Bristol was a special one a few weeks back, Liverpool too. In all honesty every Defected show is good haha! Very happy to be a part of what I see as the daddy of all house labels. 

-How have you been preparing for the Ibiza season?

Well, I did try to go on a diet… tried. Just lots of crate digging and getting new music for the season. I've made some new edits as always, one of which being my new edit of Orbital ‘Chime’.

-Your new track No Love ft. Ayak on Armada is a banger! How was it working with Ayak and creating this tune?

Yeah love her voice, perfect to work with, the club mix is my favourite, love it!

-You have slightly toned back with the bass recently. What was your deciding factor in doing this?

I just wanted to go back to my roots, where I began, and that was a house DJ. I feel right now is very true to what I first set out to achieve back in 1999. I really am living my dream right now, and am very thankful for every moment.

-What’s a current favorite tune of yours at the moment?

Well I've been playing an edit of Ninetoes ‘Finder’ a lot to get the party started, I've made an edit of it with a Detlef track from a while ago and it always gets everyone ready! I've dug CHESUS ‘Special’ back out and have been caning that lately too.

-What can we expect from you on your upcoming US Tour?

Lots of grooves, lots of fun, lots of parties! Like-minded house heads uniting, that’s what I hope for!

-Is there anything else going on with you that you’d like to share with us?

I'm working on a new single that I'm very excited for! Can’t say anymore yet but it’s coming! Maybe an album will follow too!