You may know Lady Faith as the Queen of Hardstyle—and while she is the Queen there is so much more to her then that. She represents what it means to be a strong woman, to push boundaries and proves that effort and determination can take you anywhere. 

We were lucky enough to talk to her at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas. She took us on an amazing journey during her set at the Wasteland stage with DJ Stephanie. There was no denying their amazing energy. They left new fans and veteran fans alike wanting more.


Karen: It's really nice to talk to the Queen B of the universe, Lady Faith thank you for having us tonight. What does your creative process look like?

Lady Faith: You always have to have a vision before you start working on a track. I get inspiration from the things that happen in my daily life both good and bad. I express myself through my music. One day I met a fan who had never heard classical music and I decided to create an opera song in Hardstyle called Carmen. You just never know what will get the creative juices flowing but every artist has to have a vision and execute that vision.

Karen: You do have a unique sound for sure.

Lady Faith: Thank you.

Karen: What music did you grow up listening to in Iran?

Lady Faith: It was mainly European dance music, gangster rap and classical.

Karen: When did music become more than a hobby for you?

Lady Faith: It was actually never a hobby. I was a network engineer before I was a DJ and I hated it, because I'm a very creative person and computers are very logical and process driven. I wanted to pave my own path and discover my true identity so I needed a career change. When I first started to DJ, I was intrigued by the complexity of mixing vinyl. It was a challenge that has shaped my skillset even today. I was always very comfortable on stage so after I performed in public for the first time (on the side of a road outside a record store during a street fair), I knew I was destined to do this and I took what I feel was a leap of Faith.

Karen: So you did engineering then?

Lady Faith: I was trained to work with servers and manage complex robotic backup systems for important and secure data retention. I also provided high end networking support for a large research foundation. Working with complex software helped me to overcome many software based challenges and enabled me to become the producer I am today.

Karen: That's amazing. What is it like being a female in a male dominated industry?

Lady Faith: Many people believe that DJ’ing is about having a stage presence and in that aspect, women have an easier path. This is simply not true. A DJ is measured by both their productions and their stage presence. Its unfortunate that there are so few females that survive long enough in this business to get noticed. More and more the booking and song release schedules are becoming politicized and for myself along with many other women in the same situation, try as we might, we will never become just “one of the boys”. Its an uphill battle to get our share of the attention and opportunities, but who said life was supposed to be easy?

Karen: So in three words how do you describe hardstyle to someone who doesn't know?


Lady Faith: Fun, energetic, beautiful.

Karen: What non EDM inspirations do you have, either artists or music?

Lady Faith: There are so many people on the outside of EDM that I love. One of my favorite artists, one of them, is Nicki Minaj, she inspires me so much. I love her music, I like her no-shit-taking attitude from people and she's a boss bitch and all of that. She inspires me, I love that.

Karen: What makes playing at EDC different than other festivals?

Lady Faith: EDC is a unique event, at least for me. It is the largest expression of love in the free world. Hundreds of thousand of beautiful people come together to express their love for the sounds and their love for their friends. In a world that is dominated by an online presence, it is nice to see the virtual become the real in an expression of PLUR. I wish more events would embrace that attitude and I am deeply respectful to Pasquale Rotella for holding true to his vision over all the years this event has dominated the scene.

Karen: How do you describe your fans?

Lady Faith: I call my fans my Faithful, but they are really my Family. I am very protective of my fans because they have blessed me with a feeling of love not many in this world get to experience. I truly love my fans and I do this for them. When the going gets tough, I have them to fall back on they will always pick me up when I fall down. I would do the same for any of them. They are my family and I am determined to set a good image for those that choose to be inspired by my success and attitude to life.

Karen: That's sweet. That's actually pretty rare to find. What inspired new single PLUR?

Lady Faith: As a child, I endured all kinds of issues, everything from self worth issues to bullying and just a general feeling of hopelessness. The concept behind PLUR spoke to me when EDM was in its more infant stages. Back then, everybody was drawn to this and the scene was very close. I can remember days when hundreds of fans would face off against riot police, every one of them ready to defend the people to their left and right and every one of them determined to defend their family and their freedom. Peace, Love, Unity and Respect was a way of life that has shaped millions of humans to become better people. It is a principle worth fighting for and that inspired me to ensure some of my newer and younger fans are reminded just how important this attitude really is to a successful life.


Karen: What can your fans expect next from you?

Lady Faith: An enormous amount of music. I'm so inspired right now and I’m working on collaborations with a lot of people. I'm doing a couple of festivals in America; Paradiso and Global Dance Festival are my next. As always, my fans can expect me to break boundaries. 

I have a full time solo career, plus a live act called Notorious Two and I am preparing to release additional tracks with Stephanie so the fans can expect more pushing of the sonic boundaries, the Lady Faith way.

Karen: Thank you so much for having us tonight, can’t wait to see what’s next for the one and only Lady Faith.