-Tell us about yourself and How you got into DJing and producing music? 

I'm a middle aged techno producer from Ireland. I been djing since the early eighties. I grew up in a small west of Ireland town called Westport, it's a cool place and actually has a really strong music culture. Traditional Irish music being predominant of course as there are over 200 pubs and almost every one there is a music session going on most evenings .. there wasn't much in the way of alternative or dance music events going on of course, but there was a local record shop run by a forward minded music lover called Peter Corcoran and he introduced me and my friends to so much amazing stuff like Talking Heads, Joy Division, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd (even!).. my friends and I were mad into music, we loved ska (the Specials, Madness, The Beat) we loved The Police.. etc. When I was still underage I convinced the local disco to allow
me to run these nights where I would dj all this new and exciting stuff and all our friends would come along.. even the local professional DJ was kind enough to lend me his decks, Dick Bourke, he thought me how to dj! What a legend.

Friends had this great band in town at the time too and I was a total fan! And I started my own band and made crap music..!! But it was a fun time and that's how I got started.. naively and earnestly! 

I moved to Australia early 90's and got seriously into the scene in Melbourne around  '94 .. djing etc. played at Tresor in Berlin in '95 with Rolando and DJ Hell .. what a blast! Didn't know it at the time of course... but never looked back.. and so it's been many years that I been doing this..! And I still love it !

-How does it feel to be a part of Awesome soundwave?

I feel honoured and privileged.. it's a great privilege to work closely with Carl. He has such passion for the music and his energy is positive and infectious! Every time we get together I feel energised and inspired. And it's exciting to reach out to new artists and talk about new ideas for releases.. both Carl and I really believe in this project. It's just really awesome! 

You know the name Awesome Soundwave came from a Buddhist teaching about a Buddha called "Awesome Sound King" .. he used the sound of his voice to inspire people and bring peace.. that's what music can do. Music is the answer :)

-You have been releasing records since 1995, what's your most memorable one and why? 

An album called "Digital Primate" .. that's where I got my artist name from.. it was a really weird diverse crossover of techno and rock.. with strings.. :) and then in '99 or 2000 I started releasing eps through the London based Pro-Jex label.. jackin' techno, alongside artists like DJ Rush, Angel Alanis, DJ Funk even!! A bunch of Chicago dudes, and an Irish guy..;) 

My most memorable record though is one I released in 2009 called "Keep Calm and Carry On" .. it's a weird dubwise record that I did with Mad Professor, at his studio in London! That was an amazing experience, working with him for a month and watching him mix in such an intuitive and organic way..  just amazing! 

-Where do you get your inspiration from? What inspires you?

For this album MNTNS of SLNC I have been inspired by the landscape of my homeland, co. Mayo, west Ireland, the mountains, the mystery, the beauty and the stark vistas.. so dramatic, it's techno!

I wanted to somehow articulate that sonically, create a sonic landscape if you will. I'm inspired by environment, landscape, nature .. I'm also inspired by other exciting music.. from Jon Hopkins (the composer of our time) to Recondite (such emotion) .. and by my friends.. they play me their favourite music and it's inspiring to listen with another's ears!

-What are your plans for the next 10 years?

To live in a cliff top overlooking an azure sea with studio and infinity pool. And to continue to make deep music...

-Any inspiring words for up and coming DJs in the house and techno scene?

Make music
Don't stop
Stay true
Don't get distracted by other stuff
Music is the answer 


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