Comprised of rapper & producer Alexander “Spadez” Martinez coupled with vocalist & producer Johnie B, are here to energize and excite listeners with their synth-heavy brand of West Coast sounds

"One-half West Coast and other half East Coast, merge the two together and you get the dynamic pop/hip-hop/electronic duo PRTTY BOYS. Spaaadez (rapper & producer) and Johnie B (vocalist& producer) came together to release songs that will remind you of your own wild nights. With their recent release, “Cop Car” and “BAE”, the two are ready to drop their debut album The Juice Factory this Friday. Perfect timing since this is the summer jams you’ll need for those blurry nights that need a soundtrack. Check out our interview with the two where we find out how they kicked it off, juggling their own solo projects, and their ultimate celebrity BAE" - The Young Folks