This Friday, May 18th Music On kicks off its seventh season at Amnesia Ibiza!

After a superb two-day Music On festival in Amsterdam, the family returns to their beloved Ibiza. And to give the starting signal for the seventh season, what better than five of Music On's emblematic artists: Marco Carola, Stacey Pullen, Leon, Joey Daniel and Neverdogs.

Marco Carola is the creative musical mind and the guiding thread for all the Music On feeling around the world. On the opening night, he and Leon are set to seduce the devoted audience on the Terrace. Leon, who will get things going this Friday, tells us more: "It's been days since I started thinking about Music On's opening and playing on the Terrace with Marco Carola. This is not my first time but I'm excited as if it was! I'm looking for the best tracks because I would like to wow the people, I want to create a magical atmosphere. The opening and the closing are the most beautiful nights of the season and it is an honour for me to be there. It will be a long night full of positive vibes and amazing music, because let's not's all about the music!"

This year the concept "It's All About the Music" will be introduced in the Club Room, where Stacey Pullen, Joey Daniel and Neverdogs will delight us with suggestive sounds and avante-garde techno within the framework of a concept that has already travelled to three continents. 

"This is my second time playing at Music On's opening party. What I can say from experience is that there is this amazing energy going on all around, everyone is so happy to see each other and exited to know that it is the beginning of an amazing season. This is something you can definitely feel from all the people, the DJs, the whole Music On team, dancers, the people from Amnesia and the crowd. I just can't wait to be reunited with the family, the crowd and to kick off the season all together!" Joey Daniel.

Music On Amnesia Ibiza's seventh season is set for an amazing start as the summer begins and very exciting times lie ahead... we are ready!


Marco Carola

Stacey Pullen




Joey Daniel