What became one of the most memorable performances at Ultra Music Festival’s twenty year anniversary weekend, Fedde Le Grand’s set at the Main Stage on Saturday, March 24 further marked a special occasion due to the artist being a part of over half of Ultra Music Festival’s twenty years of events.

Kicking off his set with a brand new release, “You Got Me Runnin'" which was released on April 2 and is available for purchase now, the artist’s set further became dispersed with some of his most coveted tracks through the years, which included: “Love’s Gonna Get You,” “Feel Good,” “Rhythm of the Night,” “Coco’s Miracle,” “No Good,” and “Keep On Rising."

Electric-Vibes had the venerable pleasure of sitting down and talking with Le Grand prior to  his set to discuss his current projects that he is working on.  Please see below what Le Grand has in store for 2018 and beyond and what transpired in the interview.

Electric-Vibes (Natalie Wicks):  So Ultra’s a huge performance.  As an artist, how much do you prepare, do you prepare at all?

Fedde Le Grand:  I do.  For a big performance like this, I always prepare a little bit. I think it’s important not to over prepare because the spontaneous stuff is out of there, but it’s good also to get your nerves under control to kind of have an idea of what you are doing which is nice.

But I think that in this case, I’ve prepared a little bit more, because I wanted to do a few tracks that I associate with Ultra, because it’s been twenty years, bootlegging things, some professional of mine and some old in general that I associate with Ultra and stuff, so yeah.

Natalie Wicks: So will there be any new music?  Are you going to be debuting anything new this year?  Last year, you did “Dancing Together” I think.

Fedde Le Grand:  Yeah, “Runnin'” which is on pre-order right now.  It’s a new solo track, which is going to be released April 2. Yeah, so I mean that’s the only thing. That’s going to be the opening track, and there’s another track in there that I’ll just say there’s another track [as well].

Natalie Wicks:  Okay, so you can’t really talk about it. I get it.  So you recently came out with two versions of “Monsta” and “Bump 'N Shake.”  Great opening to the year.  What made you decide to do two versions, separate ones?

Fedde Le Grand:  I mean, sometimes things just come together in a funny way, you know.  Because I made “Bump N’ Shake” at first…. It was actually by accident. I was just skipping through old tracks on my phone, and I ran into some stuff from MJ Cole, who’s like a huge UK or was a a huge UK, I want to say bass house because that’s what we call it now.  But I was like damn….I just got really inspired from the sound from back then.  It’s kind of cool to try and make like a 2 or 3.0 version, like a now version of that style, and that’s how it started.

Natalie Wicks: Did you write the lyrics?

Fedde Le Grand: No, No, No.

Natalie Wicks:  Do you write lyrics at all?

Fedde Le Grand:  A little bit, yeah

Natalie Wicks:  What version do you like better “Monsta” or “Bump 'N Shake”? or What version do you like to perform better?

Fedde Le Grand: For me, it’s like “Bump 'N Shake” has the pump value. But that’s what I’ll play.

Natalie Wicks:  Okay, so you recently had a remix competition.  What are some things that you look for when you’re looking at the tracks?

Fedde Le Grand:  I personally look for more ideas than sound, because I think sound is a technical issue that you can always help someone with.  But I think an idea is always the most important thing.  I’d rather hear a good idea that’s original than something that sounds absolutely perfect but is boring as hell.  So I’m always going more for ideas…which I think is important. I mean mixing and mastering is something you can learn, but having good ideas is something that is way harder.

Natalie Wicks: Okay.  You’ve been putting a lot of emphasis on your label lately I’ve seen.  You’ve had a lot of releases.  What can we expect from that prospect?   Are you going to keep going with it?  And what are you looking for? Because they’re all edgy. They’re all real edgy.

Fedde Le Grand:  I think that’s the thing that maybe I subconsciously look for. There’s just so much of the same stuff out there, so, You know, it’s actually very simple. I listen to music, I see if something happens inside of me, [It’s either a] yes or no and that’s the only question I ask myself.

Natalie Wicks:  And I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff you pass. It’s probably ridiculous.

Fedde Le Grand: Thousands.

Natalie Wicks: What are your long term goals? You’ve done so much. You’ve done Grand and so many huge things. 

Fedde Le Grand:  The other thing is Grand.  We’re doing another one this year and that’s finally going to be the one that’s going to tour, everywhere, in the US, everywhere

Natalie Wicks:  Yay! So many great things. I love it.  I love talking to you. You’re the best.

Fedde Le Grand:  Same here.